kuliner bali sate plecing

Kuliner Bali : Enak Sate Plecing Arjuna atau Sate Plecing Mak Luk Luk?

Kalian familiar nggak dengan Sate Plecing? Jujur, aku sendiri baru tau tentang Sate Plecing ini gara-gara homestay aku di Bali deket banget dengan Sate Plecing Arjuna. Jadi iseng aja cobain. Eh ternyata Sate Arjuna ini terkenal. Dan aku suka bumbu plecingnya. Nah, dari situ lah aku mulai tau tentang sambal plecing.

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tips travel murah ke bali

#TravelTerus ke Bali (Tips Untuk Traveling Jangka Panjang)

Saatnya aku cerita sedikit tentang #HoneymonJilidTiga. Kalau kalian belum tahu, aku dan Fred menikah Februari 2017 kemarin. Setelah itu, kami honeymoon untuk merayakan pernikahan. Honeymoon pertama, kami road trip dari Jakarta, Bandung, dan lalu berakhir di Yogyakarta. Honeymoon kedua, kami road trip di Australia dari Darwin ke Sydney. Honeymoon ketiga, kami memutuskan untuk ke Bali. Masing-masing trip honeymoon itu aku lakukan kurang lebih satu bulan lamanya, termasuk yang ke Bali ini.

Loh kok bisa?

Baca terus yuk!

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daniel wellington discount code

Honeymoon di Bali x Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield

Akhirnya bisa kembali lagi ke Bali setelah sekian lama! Tahun 2013 lalu, aku dan Fred pernah tinggal di Bali selama 2 bulan karena kami berdua diterima internship di suatu perusahaan IT di Bali. It was a life changing experience for us.

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Sharon Loh Ubud Bali

Ubud: My Favorite Things To Do!

Ubud. It’s one of my favorite area in Bali. It’s green, surrounded by beautiful rice paddies and lush jungles, it’s very noticeably different compared to the other part of Bali. There are no blue beaches here. Only green surroundings. I really love the natural vibe here in Ubud, it’s really charming in its own way. I didn’t get the chance to stay in Ubud for a long period of time. But if I’m given one, I’ll definitely start digging what Ubud has to offer.

This article is written based on my previous experience when exploring Ubud. If you have any other tips or any other cool places that you think I would love to visit next time, please please please share them in the comment box down below! I’d love to go somewhere new.

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Murni's Warung Ubud

Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali

My idea of relaxing, is to sit in a nice restaurant or a cafe, sipping coffee, eating good food, enjoying what is has to offer. Lucky me, I got a friend to travel around Bali without having to argue about where to eat next, what time to leave, or which way to go. Because you know, Mei and I seemed to have the same taste & pace of travelling. It’s nice!
Mei is not the kind of person who’d like to see all things at once. Instead, she took it slow. So we would pick an area to explore in one day and see how it goes later. We really didn’t have much plan.

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Nasi Ayam Bali

Taste of Bali : Nasi Ayam Bali

Remember about the idea of me exploring more Indonesian local foods and write a series of blog post about Taste of Indonesia? Well, the first one went really well nearly a month ago. I wrote about BPK, the famous Karo-styled roast pig from North Sumatra, Indonesia. And everyone was like : “Look at that! You make me hungry.” or “God! It does look really good. It’s been ages since the last time I had BPK”. Well, you know, things like that.

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Latte at Revolver Espresso

Revolver Espresso at Seminyak Bali

Revolver Espresso came across our little chit chat during our lunch at The Cafe at The Mulia, Bali. Diana mentioned it as the most popular coffee joint in Bali at the moment.

Since I don’t feel like I want to miss this famous coffee during my trip, Gaby and I went there for a brunch on Monday morning. Besides, the breakfast my hotel served was really awful. Even their coffee doesn’t taste like what coffee should be. So I decided to skip my breakfast at the hotel and went for a decent brunch instead.

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Macaroons The Cafe Bali

The Cafe at The Mulia, Bali

You’ll never go hungry in Bali, that much is certain! There are a lot of foods offered from traditional Balinese foods just anywhere down the streets to an international fine dining at a hotel. This island of gods does has a huge range of choices from cafes, restaurant, street foods, bakeries, to local places to eat. That’s one of the reason I keep coming back to Bali. I just can’t refuse the foods and the hospitality it offers.

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