8 Reasons to Love Pattaya

For some people who don’t like bar girls, visiting Pattaya might seem like a strange decision to make. But honestly it’s something I’d love to do again in the next occasion.

I first went to Pattaya with my friends 2 years ago. And some of the best and most funniest and exciting times I’ve ever experienced were in this big sin city.

Yes, Pattaya is famous for its sex industry and it’s still going strong day by day. But that’s not Pattaya is all about. There are lots of family-friendly attractions and activities you can do here.Lanjutkan membaca “8 Reasons to Love Pattaya”

Elephant Trekking Adventure at Pattaya, Thailand

For me, Thailand is all about Tom Yum soup, beautiful beach, and elephant. So that time, we went to Chang Thai Thappraya Adventure Park. It’s near the Pattaya Floating Market, but too bad I can’t find it in google map this time.

Here, you can do many outdoor activities, like buggy cart riding, ATV riding, elephant trekking, horse riding, and many more. But since we are in Pattaya, the best choice for us to do is the elephant trekking, isn’t it?Lanjutkan membaca “Elephant Trekking Adventure at Pattaya, Thailand”

Breezeo Resto, Pattaya, Thailand

During my visit to Pattaya, Thailand, about 1 year ago, I had an early dinner in Breezeo Resto with my friends. As you can guess from the restaurant name I mentioned, Breezeo, this restaurant is located just right on the seaside of Royal Cliff Hotel’s private beach. It’s one of the few places in Pattaya where you can enjoy the cuisine along with the fresh and clean breeze in a peaceful place.Lanjutkan membaca “Breezeo Resto, Pattaya, Thailand”