daniel wellington xmas gift sunrise at borobudur
Asia, DESTINATION, Indonesia, Yogyakarta

Magical Sunrise at Borobudur x Daniel Wellington XMAS Gift

I’ve just returned from my short trip to Yogyakarta (and Magelang)! And we did something that I’ve always been wanting to do since a long time ago: catch a sunrise at the Borobudur temple.

I’ve been to Borobudur temple before – it was some time in 2011 I think. But all  I can remember is the scorching hot weather and the crowds – since we went there at 1 pm.

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Asia, Bali, DESTINATION, Indonesia

Honeymoon di Bali x Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield

Akhirnya bisa kembali lagi ke Bali setelah sekian lama! Tahun 2013 lalu, aku dan Fred pernah tinggal di Bali selama 2 bulan karena kami berdua diterima internship di suatu perusahaan IT di Bali. It was a life changing experience for us.

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daniel wellington 2017 discount code

Classic Petite : Daniel Wellington’s New Watch Collection (with Discount Code For You)

The wait is over, Daniel Wellington just released its new product this month. And now I’m in love with it. Welcoming Classic Petite to the collection! 

The new classic design looks completely different with their other products. It got the contemporary look with the new mesh strap! It’s 32mm in diameter which I think suits my wrist really well! It doesn’t look bulky and it doesn’t look too small. This will be my new best friend from now on. In fact, I’ve been wearing it almost every day right now.

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