Cafe Dengan Wifi di Bali – Cocok Untuk Kerja

Oh, Bali… What’s not to love about you? Berkali-kali ke Bali, tetep aja ga bosen. Walaupun banyak orang ngeluh : “Sekarang Bali udah rame yah, udah macet, dll”. Tapi tetep aja, Bali tetap ngangenin & bikin betah.

Ga tau kenapa ya, hidup di Bali rasanya nyantai banget. Mau pake baju gembel & sendal jepit + paha berpasir pun, gapapa. Sebenarnya di Jambi juga sih nyantai. Tapi kalo pake baju kebuka dikit (ala ala summer dress gitu), udah deh diliatin orang. Nah, kalo di Bali nggak. Mau pake baju kayak gimana pun, I feel safe. Ga ada yang liatin dari atas sampe bawah. Emang beneran gitu atau is it just me? Hmm..

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Pantai Asik di Bali Selatan dan Timur

“Sore ini kemana ya? Pantai yuk!”. Selama sebulan lebih tinggal di Bali, kami sering menghabiskan sore hari di pantai. Kapan lagi bisa istirahat menenangkan pikiran di pantai, ya kan? Kalau udah pulang ke Jambi, udah nggak bisa lagi deh ke pantai. Paling sore-sore pergi makan pempek, atau sate padang.

Tentu belum semua pantai kami kunjungi. Karena kami nggak terlalu ngebet harus ke semua pantai juga. Sejauh ini sih, kami baru sempet main ke daerah Selatan dan Timur aja. Tapi diantara semua yang udah pernah kami kunjungi, these are our favorite!
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Ubud: My Favorite Things To Do!

Ubud. It’s one of my favorite area in Bali. It’s green, surrounded by beautiful rice paddies and lush jungles, it’s very noticeably different compared to the other part of Bali. There are no blue beaches here. Only green surroundings. I really love the natural vibe here in Ubud, it’s really charming in its own way. I didn’t get the chance to stay in Ubud for a long period of time. But if I’m given one, I’ll definitely start digging what Ubud has to offer.

This article is written based on my previous experience when exploring Ubud. If you have any other tips or any other cool places that you think I would love to visit next time, please please please share them in the comment box down below! I’d love to go somewhere new.

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After spending a day walking around Ubud, me and Meidiana decided to go back to our hotel at Kuta area around 6 pm. It’s been a long fun sunny day. But at the end, we were so tired. We walked around our hotel to find a nice restaurant nearby for dinner. It was a fortunate that we came across Nebula Room at Poppies Lane 2. Just in time before I craved myself to death!

It was Friday night and Nebula was having this live acoustic music performance. Too bad that it was already dark as I SWEAR TO YOU Nebula looks AMAZING under the daylight. I mean, it’s full of colorful ornaments and stuffs. Like, every edges of the restaurant is so instagram-able.Lanjutkan membaca “NEBULA ROOM, Bali”

Monsieur Spoon Bali

It was a fine afternoon at Bali. Not too sunny, but the weather was dry and clear. I found it a perfect time to feed my skin with sun exposure after finishing my lunch at Cuca Flavor. So right after lunch, me and Meidiana decided to take a walk around Seminyak area, just for the sake of setting everything down, until we accidentally passed this french bakery with Monsieur Spoon sign on it.

Monsieur Spoon? It did sound familiar to me. Not that I’ve been there before but I thought I’ve spotted some pic from Instagram and I remembered how people kept mentioning about the pastries and about Monsieur Spoon being the best bakery in Bali. Lanjutkan membaca “Monsieur Spoon Bali”

Cuca Flavor, Jimbaran Bali – NEW MENU!

If you read my blog post years ago, you might already noticed that I’ve been to Cuca Flavor before when I was staying in Bali for my summer internship. And earlier this month, I went back to Bali for a short new year holiday with Meidiana Kusuma from Cuca Flavor was on my list!

You know, as a restaurant which adopt a casual sharing dining experience, Cuca offer a great variety of Tapas, Cocktails, and Desserts. Dessert was amazing, I swear. We’ll check on that later, promise!

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