WINC Space – Cafe & CoWorking Space di Gading Serpong + Nana Cake Boutique Class

Sejak persiapan nikah sampe akhirnya aku dan Fred ngadain resepsi pernikahan bulan Maret lalu, aku merasa super unproductive. Mulai dari bad mood sampe akhirnya nggak bisa ngapa-ngapain karena emang nggak mood aja. I don’t know why, but wedding planning takes so much energy out of me. Ada yang merasakan hal yang sama? Hehe. Tapi yasudahlah, semuanya udah lewat. Sekarang hidup sudah kembali tenang.

Karena persiapan nikah itu lah, aku off beberapa bulan nggak terima pesanan di Bake More Cakes, karena aku merasa capek ngurusin pernikahan yang nggak kelar-kelar. Dan nggak bisa ditambah dengan capeknya bikin kue. It would have killed me, seriously. Dan setelah selesai resepsi pun, aku pingin bisa nyantai dulu honeymoon yang lama. Makanya aku belum terima orderan dulu.

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Tips for Travelling from London to Jakarta

When crossing continents it’s always important to research and plan ahead, as the long haul flight invites a slew of unforeseen hassles from airport parking spaces to immigration problems to even hotel accommodation. For example, for tourists travelling from a European metropolis like London to a Southeast Asian city such as Jakarta, the overall process from airport to airport can be complicated and taxing. Covering a distance of about 11,679 kilometers or 6392 nautical miles away, the mere flight takes more than 15 hours, which means it’ll prove to be a challenge even to the most frequent traveller. Fortunately, here are some tips on how to enjoy the whole trip from London to Jakarta.

Pre-book a Parking Space

When driving to a London airport like Gatwick or Heathrow, aside from considering the travel time and traffic, it’s also important to pre-select a parking spot. These landing fields are some of the busiest and most crowded in the world, so expect heavy congestion all throughout. In addition, knowing the different advantages of the types of parking is ideal for preparing for every eventuality. A UK-based parking aggregator lists the four examples as on-airport, off-airport, meet and greet, and airport hotel with parking. That way, travellers can start their vacation on the right note.

Know the Visa Requirements

British citizens can visit Indonesia without a visa for a maximum of 30 days under the waiver scheme. On the other hand, for business travellers, tourists should apply for a visa that lasts up to 30 days upon arrival and costs about £25. It’s also worth noting that this visa can be extended once as long as travellers apply to an immigration office within the country. Other requirements include proof of onward travel, as well as departure and airport tax.

Make the Most of the 15-Hour Flight

Before boarding the plane, it’s wise to stay hydrated and wear comfortable, layered clothing. It’s also advisable to drink green tea as it helps fend off jetlag. During the flight, try and limit food intake to a decent amount. A medical website points out the difference in the digestive system on land and in the air. Having said this, tourists should just opt for a simple snack inside the plane or better yet eat a packed sandwich beforehand.

Find a Good Location

Upon arriving in Jakarta, tourists should’ve at least reserved a decent accommodation in some of the best places to stay in the city. For tourists who have more than enough, the wise choices would be Lingkar Kuningan and the Bunderan Hotel Indonesia area. Ritz Carlton Kuningan, Grand Hyatt, and J. W. Marriott appeal to travellers the most, as they are all located near Jakarta’s places of interest.

Takumi Robata and Sushi, Senayan Jakarta

You know, after I moved to Jambi, often times I find myself craving for sushi over and over again, like constantly. I don’t think I can find it here. I mean, some vendors do sell sushi, but it’s more like a fusion one and I’m not really into fusion. And besides, the one I tried here turned out to be more fusion than what fusion sushi should looks like to me, if you know what I mean. So the thing is, they don’t look like a good choice to me. Period.

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[Hotel Review] Staycation at Ara Hotel Gading Serpong

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Ara Hotel Gading Serpong for a 2D1N stay together with the other bloggers (Yenny, Soya, Aline, and Icha). The event itself was called “Blogger Familiarization Trip at Ara Hotel Gading Serpong”.

It was my first time going to Gading Serpong and the pleasant stay made my first time in Gading Serpong memorable. It was a very nice escape from the busy over-populated Jakarta!

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Marche at Plaza Senayan Jakarta

It’s been ages since the last time I post something on the blog! Gosh, I’ve been busy (and lazy) lately. I found it SO HARD to put everything (effort, mood, etc etc etc) into one place and I just kept procrastinating on pretty much every thing. I HAD THE WORST WEEK, ever. And you know, the traffic in Jakarta really pisses me off, especially on Monday morning AND Friday evening. It’s just crazy. I don’t understand why people could live with this. Perhaps it’s time for me to go back to Bandung, eh? Or Jambi. Anywhere but here. There’s got to be another way.

ANYWAY, enough with the grumbling. So, for the sake of relieving my stressful mind, I went to Marche at Plaza Senayan for lunch during office hour.

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Bankara Ramen, Jakarta

So, I went to Lotte Shopping Avenue last night after work. The static work at the office suddenly stressed me out so I thought I need some good food and maybe, a nice movie after dinner. We ended up having Bankara Ramen for dinner. Honestly, I never heard about this place before. I don’t know if it’s just me, but, I didn’t notice anyone mentioning it in social media. So I was a bit hesitate : should we eat here, or just go straight to Sushi Tei? It’s the safest choice, that night. We ended up picking Bankara Ramen.

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Pizza e Birra

“Happy birthday, Valerie!”

So this was actually my cousin’s birthday lunch. She decided to celebrate her veery special day at Pizza e Birra, Central Park Jakarta. She was actually thinking about another options like Kitchenette but then we ended up having our lunch here. It was a nice pick, really. Good job, cuz!

I’ve been to Pizza e Birra in Bandung before, but didn’t manage to take a good picture. So here we go!

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Kazan Ramen, Jakarta

You know, I never knew that there’s such thing as Volcano Ramen. Like, ramen itself is served hot, right? And how hot does it take to make a ramen hot enough that it’s called Volcano Ramen? #confused “Nah, never mind, I’ll just come over and see how they serve the Ramen.”, I thought. So I went to Kazan Ramen Jakarta with Fred last week.

Here, the ramen is served in a hot bowl with a cone-shaped red lid that looks like volcano. The word Kazan itself means volcano, by the way. Now you might be wondering if the broth is going to erupt or something. No no no. That might be too…. unpleasant, and dangerous, really.. Lanjutkan membaca “Kazan Ramen, Jakarta”