5 Tempat Belanja Murah di Bangkok

Dulu sering denger katanya belanja di Bangkok itu murah banget, bisa dibawa pulang terus jualan di Indonesia. “Ah, masa iya? Semurah apa sih?”

Terus setelah 2 kali ke Bangkok dan belanja sedikit, oh iya deng emang murah. Ga ditawar aja rata-rata udah murah. Itu kalo beli 1 ya. Kalo beli dua, tiga, atau lebih? Wah lebih jatuh lagi harganya.

Di artikel kali ini aku mau share tentang surga belanja di Bangkok alias tempat belanja yang murah banget di Bangkok!

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mae hong son thailand

Liburan ke Mae Hong Son, Thailand Utara

Pernah dengar tentang Mae Hong Son? Memang sih ga populer di kalangan orang Indonesia. Tapi ternyata, Mae Hong Son terkenal sebagai tempat wisata di Thailand Utara oleh penduduk lokal di Thailand. Dan bahkan di hotel tempat kami tinggal kemarin, mayoritas yang lagi sarapan itu orang-orang mancanegara (I mean, non asian)!

Kotanya sepi, jauh lebih sepi daripada Chiang Mai. Dan terletak di area pegunungan. Bahkan, mayoritas penduduknya itu memang tinggal di pegunungan (disebut juga dengan Hill Tribe). Suasananya tenang dan adem, bikin betah untuk berlama-lama 🙂 Belum lagi banyak bangunan tua dari kayu yang khas.

Ada apa aja sih di Mae Hong Son? Yuk baca lebih lanjut.

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travel guide pedoman liburan ke chiang mai thailand

Travel Guide : Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, salah satu kota favorit aku sejauh ini. Aku pernah tinggal di Chiang Mai selama satu bulan di akhir tahun 2015. Waktu itu, aku seneng banget karena bisa menyaksikan festival Loy Krathong dan Yi Peng.

Dan bulan lalu, aku kembali lagi ke kota ini bersama @wisatathailand dan teman-teman blogger lainnya. Aku masih jatuh cinta dengan kota ini!

There’s something charming about this city that I can never get enough of. People are friendly, the city is far from chaotic, the food was amazing. I couldn’t ask for more.

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Aktivitas & Wisata Unik di Bangkok (Lengkap dengan Itinerary)

*Featured image by @patrishiela*

Yay! Akhirnya aku bisa nulis pengalaman aku jalan-jalan ke Bangkok bersama @wisatathailand dan teman2 blogger lainnya. Banyak yang salah kira loh, kirain @wisatathailand itu travel agent. Bukan! Hehe, mereka itu Tourism Authority of Thailand. Dan si TAT ini ada di 34 atau 35 negara. Salah satunya di Jakarta, Indonesia. Agenda mereka? Memperkenalkan pariwisata Thailand ke kita-kita ini. Jadi jangan telpon mereka untuk nanya paket tur ya. Dijamin nggak ada, hehe.

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Loy Krathong Yi Peng Chiang Mai

Loy Krathong & Yi Peng Festival, Chiang Mai

Loy Krathong and Yi Peng (full moon day) are both two famous festivals in Thailand. They both take time on the full moon day on the second month of Lanna lunar calendar, which usually falls on November (but please check the exact date before you go!).

Loy Krathong, which means “to float a basket”, is a kind of festival where people will gather on a river side, or pond, or somewhere with water to release their “boat” or krathong. The krathong is traditionally made from banana leaves with some flowers and incenses on it. The more modern one can be made of bread (yes, bread) and even styrofoam (booo). I think people will normally make a wish before releasing their krathong.  Lanjutkan membaca “Loy Krathong & Yi Peng Festival, Chiang Mai”

NatWat Home Cafe Chiang Mai

NatWat Home Cafe, Chiang Mai

I should say that I’m not a huge fan of cafe when it comes to lunch time. I’d rather find those tiny stalls in the alley, or go to a local restaurant which is packed up with hungry people during lunch time. But this place got to be an exception, you’ll find out why!

So it was a sunny mid day in Chiang Mai when Fred, Susan, Adam, and I were going to a certain local eatery for lunch. We later found that the place was horrible. There were so many flies, or bees, we didn’t know for sure. But the point is, it looked super dirty and we knew we got to move to another place right away. This Nat Wat thing, was Susan’s idea. (Thanks to you, Susan!!!).

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cafes for working in chiang mai

My Favourite Cafes to Work From in Chiang Mai

I think it’s time for me to write something useful. If you read my blog before, you might already know that when I was living in Chiang Mai, I worked from one coffee shop to another, every single day. We tried out quite a lot of places, but ended up having some of our favourite place to work from which we revisited several times during our stay.

We found that not all coffee shops / cafes are suitable for working. Those with noisy customers and wrong height of table and chairs are definitely not in our list. We like the one with soothing ambiance, the one that has a perfect table and chair, and the one with reliable internet connection.

We don’t really care about the food or the price as most of the time, we just grab a cup of coffee and sit there for like 3 or 4 hours. And a 50 Baht & 70 Baht of coffee won’t make that much of difference.  Lanjutkan membaca “My Favourite Cafes to Work From in Chiang Mai”

Love at First Bite Chiang Mai

Love at First Bite, Chiang Mai

Do you believe in love at the first bite? I think you should, as it does exist.

We went here last December, just a couple of days before we left Chiang Mai. And we clearly understand what the fuss is all about.

Before we got to Chiang Mai, I did a little research about where to have nice desserts there (because, I just had to!). This place came up a couple of times and I read a lot of good reviews about it on TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Facebook, and even on some random site.

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