Kuliner Bali : 5 Tempat Makan Seafood Murah & Enak di Bali

Hal pertama yang aku bayangin sebelum terbang ke Bali itu : “Wah nanti aku bisa makan seafood murah-murah dong! Kan Bali deket laut”. Ternyata nggak juga yah. Walaupun deket laut, seafood banyak yang mahal karena Bali itu daerah turis. Apalagi kalo di daerah Jimbaran yang emang terkenal dengan tempat makan seafood & view lautnya. Tapi berhubung aku traveling-nya lama (sekitar 1-2 bulan di Bali), tentu aku perlu nyari tempat makan yang terjangkau biar ga jatuh miskin tiba-tiba.

So here I am, sharing with you my current Top 5 List of Where to Eat Cheap Seafood in Bali!

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Kuliner Bali : Enak Sate Plecing Arjuna atau Sate Plecing Mak Luk Luk?

Kalian familiar nggak dengan Sate Plecing? Jujur, aku sendiri baru tau tentang Sate Plecing ini gara-gara homestay aku di Bali deket banget dengan Sate Plecing Arjuna. Jadi iseng aja cobain. Eh ternyata Sate Arjuna ini terkenal. Dan aku suka bumbu plecingnya. Nah, dari situ lah aku mulai tau tentang sambal plecing.

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Tutorial Edit Foto : Food Flatlay

I’m back with another tutorial,! Tutorial ini dadakan banget, karena tadi aku ngepost foto before after makanan di IG Story, terus @s_syeniboo nge-DM “Tutorial lagi dong cii buat edit foto nya di VSCO Cam”. Dan aku pikir, hmm, why not! Mumpung masih inget ini foto nya diapain aja (plus lagi nganggur).

So here we go!

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Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali

My idea of relaxing, is to sit in a nice restaurant or a cafe, sipping coffee, eating good food, enjoying what is has to offer. Lucky me, I got a friend to travel around Bali without having to argue about where to eat next, what time to leave, or which way to go. Because you know, Mei and I seemed to have the same taste & pace of travelling. It’s nice!
Mei is not the kind of person who’d like to see all things at once. Instead, she took it slow. So we would pick an area to explore in one day and see how it goes later. We really didn’t have much plan.

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Tokyo Belly, Jakarta

I have a good (which is also a bad) news for you guys! I will be moving to Jakarta next week and will start working from there by March. It’s sad that I have to leave Bandung, for good. But, I’m also excited as the same time as I get to explore more foods in Jakarta. Weehee!

And by the way, speaking about Jakarta, I managed to go there last week just to set everything. Stuffs like where I’m gonna stay, how am I gonna make it to the office, and many other small things. Then on weekend, I went for dinner with my sister and cousins. We came across Tokyo Belly at Grand Indonesia right after movie time, just because…. everybody deserves good foods after a tiring week!

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After spending a day walking around Ubud, me and Meidiana decided to go back to our hotel at Kuta area around 6 pm. It’s been a long fun sunny day. But at the end, we were so tired. We walked around our hotel to find a nice restaurant nearby for dinner. It was a fortunate that we came across Nebula Room at Poppies Lane 2. Just in time before I craved myself to death!

It was Friday night and Nebula was having this live acoustic music performance. Too bad that it was already dark as I SWEAR TO YOU Nebula looks AMAZING under the daylight. I mean, it’s full of colorful ornaments and stuffs. Like, every edges of the restaurant is so instagram-able.Lanjutkan membaca “NEBULA ROOM, Bali”