Taste of Bali : Nasi Ayam Bali

Remember about the idea of me exploring more Indonesian local foods and write a series of blog post about Taste of Indonesia? Well, the first one went really well nearly a month ago. I wrote about BPK, the famous Karo-styled roast pig from North Sumatra, Indonesia. And everyone was like : “Look at that! You make me hungry.” or “God! It does look really good. It’s been ages since the last time I had BPK”. Well, you know, things like that.

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Bandung Breakfast : Roti Gempol

One of my friend once asked : “Did you ever went to a restaurant, or a diner you’ve been willing to go for such a long time and then you’ll find the food to be disappointing?

Of course I did! From an expensive stuffed chicken breast in Kayu Manis (listed to be #1 restaurant in Sanur, Bali) to a cheap Takoyaki I found beside a bookstore in Bandung. They’re all terrible. I just didn’t seem to have a mood to write ’em up in my blog. Ugh. Remembering those foods really annoys me. But I think I’ll start writing my bad experience up as well so there will be less people misguided, like me.

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Madame Sari, a local traditional Restaurant in Bandung Indonesia

Speaking of culinary, most people here in Indonesia know that Bandung is one of the favorite city in West Java where you can hang out, shop, and have a good food with a reasonable price. A friend of mine has been asking her friends, who have been living in Bandung for years, about the favorite local restaurant where they usually have a nice lunch or dinner with their family. A place where you can sit for a long time and have a nice long chat without even being disturbed. Turned out that Madame Sari restaurant is one of the places they suggested.Lanjutkan membaca “Madame Sari, a local traditional Restaurant in Bandung Indonesia”

Killiney Kopitiam

Who loves coffee? Oh yes, I can hear you…

So yesterday, I went out all day with my sister & in the afternoon, we decided to spend our coffee-time in Killiney Kopitiam. In chinese, Kopi Tiam means traditional coffee shop.Lanjutkan membaca “Killiney Kopitiam”