Nebula Room Bali

After spending a day walking around Ubud, me and Meidiana decided to go back to our hotel at Kuta area around 6 pm. It’s been a long fun sunny day. But at the end, we were so tired. We walked around our hotel to find a nice restaurant nearby for dinner. It was a fortunate that we came across Nebula Room at Poppies Lane 2. Just in time before I craved myself to death!

It was Friday night and Nebula was having this live acoustic music performance. Too bad that it was already dark as I SWEAR TO YOU Nebula looks AMAZING under the daylight. I mean, it’s full of colorful ornaments and stuffs. Like, every edges of the restaurant is so instagram-able.

Nebula Room Bali

Nebula Room Bali

Nebula Room Bali

Now, who’s hungry? Guess I’m not the only one.

Garlic Cheese Mushroom (IDR 35k)

As for the appetizer, we had this deep fried bottom mushrooms. It was served with garlic cheese sauce. Simple and delish!

Nebula Room Food

Stellar Burger (IDR 82k)

Now let the game begin. This giant baby got sunny side up, AUS beef patty, hashbrown, bacon, mozarella chese, and hollandaise sauce. I think “Huge” is its middle name. I mean, look at its size! I think the hash brown is the best part of the burger, after bacon of course. Who can beat bacon anyway? 😉

Stellar Burger Nebula Room

Helium Pork Ribs (Half IDR 85k / Full IDR 115k)

Tender pork ribs marinated with soy, harissa, and bbq sauce. It was served with fresh veggies and some fries. The fries was not seasoned (so I added a lil bit of salt which was provided on the table) and the veggies was a lil bit dry. But the ribs was really tasty!

Pork Ribs Nebula Room Bali

Blackcurrant Tea (IDR 24k)

And….. refreshing tea with blackcurrant to end the night!

Nebula Room Happy Hour Drink

Overall, I had a really nice dinner with my friends at Nebula Room. Oh! They also have a rooftop which opens every day from 3pm. How cool is that? 

Btw, they also have so many promotions like HAPPY HOURS (Buy 1 Get 1 Drinks). Check out their social media to see what you think you shouldn’t miss!

Jl. Poppies Lane II No. 8 | Behind Sheraton Kuta Resort, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Twitter : @nebularoom
Instagram : @nebularoom
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3 Komentar

  1. winnymarch berkata:

    buset sharon dah ke bali berburu makanan :d

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hihi iyaaaa, Win. Januari kemarin kesana beberapa hari. Makan sampe begoo

  2. Elia Bintang berkata:

    Sebenernya daerah Legian, terutama Poppies, itu tempat yang paling saya nggak suka di Bali. Tapi itu burger kayaknya mantep. Kita tau burger itu serius apa nggak saat dia ditusuk pake pisau karena ukurannya yang emang besar. Jadi pengen mampir ke sana….

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