Tutorial Edit Foto Makanan

Welcome to another photo editing tutorial!

Sebenarnya, cara aku edit foto masih sama aja dengan sebelumnya. Kalau kalian belum baca, coba deh baca 2 tutorial ini :

Tapi, berhubung ada yang request tutorial untuk edit foto makanan (babi guling) ini, jadi aku jelasin aja disini yah! Berbeda dengan tutorial foto food flatlay sebelumnya, foto makanan yang ini aku ambil menggunakan kamera. Untuk foto ini, aku ambil menggunakan Sony Nex 7, lensa 35mm, apperture f/1.8.

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Tutorial Edit Foto : Food Flatlay

I’m back with another tutorial,! Tutorial ini dadakan banget, karena tadi aku ngepost foto before after makanan di IG Story, terus @s_syeniboo nge-DM “Tutorial lagi dong cii buat edit foto nya di VSCO Cam”. Dan aku pikir, hmm, why not! Mumpung masih inget ini foto nya diapain aja (plus lagi nganggur).

So here we go!

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Whitegram : White Instagram Photo + SNAPSEED TUTORIAL

You know, I’ve recently noticed that this kind of shot, the oh-my-table-is-so-white-it-looks-so-elegant-i-must-be-a-neat-person shot is kinda popular among Instagramers (or is it just among the people I follow?). There are even several popular tags for that. Let’s say, #whiteaddict. Or, #whitegram, #whyteworks, #whywhiteworks, and many many more. Ring the bell? I bet it does.

I know some people who find it boring, but I personally like this kind of shot. It gives this neat looking picture, with a clean effect without overdo it. So lately, I’ve been doing quite a few white shot and I must admit : IT IS NOT EASY (at the first time)! There are so much trouble like the lighting, your own shadows, your phone shadows, your camera shadows, and even the shadows from the object you’re trying to capture itself sometimes annoys me.

Now I want to share with you how I do my #whiteaddict shot and how I edit it. I use mainly Snapseed for editing my whitegram. I found it soooo easy to use and the most important thing is, it works like wonder! And I’m hoping I could get many many other tips from you! Please don’t be hesitate to hit the comment down below and share what you know about this stuff! 😉

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