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Tokyo Belly Menu

I have a good (which is also a bad) news for you guys! I will be moving to Jakarta next week and will start working from there by March. It’s sad that I have to leave Bandung, for good. But, I’m also excited as the same time as I get to explore more foods in Jakarta. Weehee!

And by the way, speaking about Jakarta, I managed to go there last week just to set everything. Stuffs like where I’m gonna stay, how am I gonna make it to the office, and many other small things. Then on weekend, I went for dinner with my sister and cousins. We came across Tokyo Belly at Grand Indonesia right after movie time, just because…. everybody deserves good foods after a tiring week!

Tokyo Belly Jakarta

Tokyo Belly Jakarta

I kind of like this place. It’s like a Japanese bistro and sake bar with a modern twist at the wall decoration. Plus, I managed to get the sofa seat at the corner. The comfy one. Yay!

Tokyo Belly Jakarta

Tokyo Belly Jakarta

Tokyo Belly Jakarta
Tokyo Belly Jakarta
Tokyo Belly Grand Indonesia

Let’s just get straight to the food!

Koro Koro Tofu (IDR 28k)

We order this so called Koro Koro Tofu just because it sounds cute. LOL. It’s basically a dice-cut tofu which was fried and then served with sweet & spicy sauce. Soft and salty!

Tokyo Belly Menu

Mixed Mushroom & Scallop Tempura Kakiage (IDR 28k)

This was one of my favorite among all. You know, kakiage is a type of tempura made with mixed vegetable strips. This one has mushroom, vegetables, and scallops in it. I found it pretty similar with Indonesian bakwan? But this one is much more crispy and contains less flour.

Tokyo Belly Grand Indonesia

Kinky Kelly (IDR 58k)

Tempura tiger prawns wrapped in nori and topped with grilled salmon & tobiko mayo sauce. Yum! See that salmon on top? I found it pretty generous. Tasted good. But, fusion sushi is just not my thing.

Tokyo Belly Menu

Tokyo Belly Classic (IDR 63k)

This one is Tonkotsu Chicken Ramen served with grilled chicken char siew, black fungus, seaweed, spring onion and lava egg. Not the best Tonkotsu Ramen around, though. It would be more lovely if the broth is thicker, somehow. This one is slightly too light for me.

Tokyo Belly Ramen Review

Hiro (IDR 78k)

Baked scallops and wild mushrooms topped with fresh seared salmon. It was served with this nice mushroom sauce and also mashed potato and mashed taro (yes, they have mashed taro here. I never knew this dish exists!). Lovely dish!

Tokyo Belly Jakarta Food

Tempura Chige Ramen (IDR 68k)

Ramen in spicy chige soup with tempura fried prawn and seasonal vegetables. Not sure if Chige refers to the same thing as Korean Jigae, but this one is ramen with spicy soup (but it’s still tolerable for people who can’t stand a high level of spiciness like me), and tempura on the side.  

Tokyo Belly Ramen

And… of course, dessert! Cause everybody wants a sweet ending.

Green Tea Red Bean Parfait (IDR 38k)

Green tea ice cream, red bean, soft ice cream, whipped cream, and some corn flakes on the bottom. It’s kinda hard to blend them all together as they served it in this kind of glass. The matcha ice cream was pretty nice!

Tokyo Belly Dessert

Tokyo Belly Grand Indonesia

I heard they also serve good curry? Anyone tried it before? 


Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
 West Mall level 3A
Jakarta, Indonesia
ph. (021) 23581090
Instagram : @tokyobelly
Facebook : Tokyo Belly
Twitter : @TokyoBelly
email :

10 Komentar

  1. cvail berkata:

    Good luck in Jakarta…If Tokyo Belly is an example, you’re going to love the food!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you, Corinne! Haha ya, think I’ll love it there!

  2. Love your food blog, everything always looks wonderful! Hope the move to Jakarta goes well!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you, Jeni!!! xoxo. It’s just a few days away!

  3. Dita berkata:

    whoaaa see you in Jakarta, Sharon 😉
    btw aku pernah nyoba chicken katsu curry-nya tokyo belly, sausnya ada level-level pedesnya gitu. Waktu itu milih yang very spicy dan beneran very spicy *ngelap keringet* tapi enak kok saus curry-nya kaya rempah, cuma karena aku sukanya chicken katsu yang garing banget jadi lain kali aku harus minta ke mbak2nya biar katsunya digoreng yang garing 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hihihihi wih tinggal di Jakarta ya? See you 😉
      Oh wahhh. Jadi pingin nyobain! Suka banget dg saos kari kentaaaal.

  4. meidianakusuma berkata:

    Omuricenya juga not bad sih, ihhh kamu ngapain sik ke Jakarta? hihhh *kemudian dilempar centong nasi*

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Uh kemarin sepupu aku pesen omurice tp ku tak coba hahaha. Hmm, mau deket2 kamyuuuu :3 Sana siapin karpet nyambut akoh!

  5. Chasing Sunsets berkata:

    Ohhh! i love the photos of your food! What do you do in Jakarta?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Ahhhh thank youuuuu!! :*
      Working 😉 But I think I’ll keep coming back to Bandung, on weekend perhaps.

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