Cuca Flavor, Jimbaran Bali – NEW MENU!

Cuca Flavor Bali

If you read my blog post years ago, you might already noticed that I’ve been to Cuca Flavor before when I was staying in Bali for my summer internship. And earlier this month, I went back to Bali for a short new year holiday with Meidiana Kusuma from Cuca Flavor was on my list!

You know, as a restaurant which adopt a casual sharing dining experience, Cuca offer a great variety of Tapas, Cocktails, and Desserts. Dessert was amazing, I swear. We’ll check on that later, promise!

Cuca Flavor Bali

Cuca Flavor Bali
This Cuca sign was made of nails!
Sharon Loh Food Travel Blogger
I’m ready for lunch!

So basically, there are 3 dining areas here : Food Bar (which is just right next to the kitchen), Dining Room, and Garden Lounge + Cocktail Bar (outdoor).

Garden Lounge

As we arrived, we did check out the garden lounge and took some pic of us there. The weather was so great that day and we found that Cuca’s garden lounge is just perfect for chilling out on windy afternoon. There are coconut trees and I-don’t-know-what-kind-of-trees tree which make the atmosphere even more perfect.

Cuca Flavor Bali

Cuca Flavor Bali

Dining Area

On my previous visit, I chose the food bar as we can sort of interact with the chef, Kevin Cherkas, directly, but this time I chose the dining area.

This one is simply a spacious area with curtains for each tables to provide a casual intimate space for the guests. That’s what this dining room is about. I love how the natural daylight comes into the room during the day! It makes taking photo much more effortless.

Cuca Flavor Bali

Cuca Flavor Bali

Cuca Flavor Bali

Now it’s time for lunch!

Cotton Betutu (Free Compliment)

Cotton Betutu

Before we enjoy the amazing Tapas, Cuca gave us this Cotton Betutu. Do you know Ayam Betutu (Betutu Chicken)? If you’ve been to Bali, you must be very familiar with it. Ayam Betutu is a famous traditional Balinese meal here, aside from the Babi Guling, and it’s highly seasoned and spiced with, well, I don’t know what ingredients they use. But the thing is, Cuca takes out the exact same ingredients needed for seasoning Ayam Betutu and made a cotton candy from that ingredients. I was like… “Is that even possible? He must be out of his mind.” But hey, it tasted really good! And the Cotton Betutu melts so quickly in your mouth. It was such a good start.

Cuban Corn (IDR 50k)

Funny that this simple dish turned out to be my favorite. It’s basically a grilled baby corn with parmesan, fresh lime, and parsley.

Cuca Flavor Bali

You know, this baby corn was boiled and then char-grilled until the leaves was sort of dark brown. Then it’s top with parmesan, fresh lime, garlic, and parsley. This dish is to die for!

Cuca Flavor Bali

Baked Scallop (IDR 20k / pcs)

Lombok scallop with mashed cauliflower and toasted butter crust on top. A lot of flavor in a small gulp. Yum!

Tapas Restaurant Bali

Crispy Fried Chicken (IDR 75k)

Tapas Restaurant Bali

This one is a combination of KFC-inspired fried chicken with an additional of wild honey, country coleslaw, sesame dust, and asian basil. It’s kinda hard to describe what it tasted like. The chicken itself is highly well seasoned! It has this salty and spicy flavor, and it is actually boneless. So it tasted a lil bit like karage, but with a lot more seasoning. Then if you eat it together with the coleslaw and sesame dust, BOOM! 

Cuca Flavor Fried Chicken

Meat and Potatoes (IDR 160k)

Next was this so called Meat and Potatoes. It’s basically beef with mushroom ragout and whipped potato and red wine marmalade. It’s creamy, it’s soft, the beef was so tender that it can just fall off to pieces if you bite it with your tongue (yes, tongue). It’s Mei’s favorite!

Cuca Flavor Menu

Let’s get messy! 

Cuca Flavor Menu

Cuca Flavor Bali Menu

Bali Breakfast (IDR 90k)

No, this one over here is not an egg as you might have already guessed. It’s @cucaflavor‘s Bali Breakfast. The one that looks like egg yolk is actually runny mango. Then, they put whipped coconut cream around the side. And underneath, there’s a layer of passion fruit.


bali breakfast cuca flavor dessert

Strawberry Cloud Cake (IDR 80k)

Next dessert! We had sponge cake here with pandan gelato and berry cream. The sponge cake was freshly baked and it was soooo soft that I thought I was eating cloud. The pandan gelato, however, was a bitter. But the sweet & sour berry cream sort of balanced things out. Well balanced with clean delicate tastes.

Cuca Flavor Bali Food

Cuca Flavor Bali Food

Sun-Gria (IDR 110k)

Cuca Flavor Drink
Red Wine, Iced Fruit, Brandy Soda

Moon-Gria (IDR 110k)

Moon Gria Bali
White Wine, Iced Fruit, Brandy Soda

As for the drink, we had this Sun-Gria and Moon-Gria. It was actually a glass of wine with some piles of iced fruit (they use real fresh fruits!) and brandy soda. Sun-Gria uses red wine while Moon-Gria uses white wine. Such a colourful twist on your classic Sangria!

Cuca Flavor

Coming over? You know, to be honest, I’ve been here twice and still, I’m VERY satisfied with the food! No complain, at all! Anyway, I think Cuca Flavor might a perfect place for your Valentine’s Day dinner?

Cuca Flavor
Jalan Yoga Perkanthi
Jimbaran, Bali
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