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“Kak, Pake Kamera Apa?”

The long awaited article is finally here! Jujur, ini salah satu pertanyaan yang aku bingung banget gimana jawabnya. Walaupun kedengaran simple sih ya.

Tinggal jawab aja apa susahnya sih, Shar?

Bagi aku, ini sama aja dengan kita nanya ke chef, “Chef, masakannya enak. Pake panci apa?” … Siap ditimpuk pake panci? LOL.

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Tips & Tutorial

Pulang Travelling Jadi Bokek? Ini Tips Supaya Travelling Lebih Hemat

Seperti yang kalian tau, sekarang aku dan Fred sedang jalan-jalan keliling Australia untuk #HoneymoonJilidDua (cek foto Instagram ku untuk daily update yah!).

Sebenernya cara keliling Australia dengan campervan seperti yang kami lakukan ini umum di kalangan tertentu, terutama para orang tua di Australia. Bahkan saking populer dan umumnya, mereka dijuluki “gray nomad”. Couple goals banget deh.
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Tips & Tutorial

SIM Internasional. Gimana Caranya?

Kali ini aku mau sharing sedikit tentang pengalaman aku dan Fred (ngak sih, Fred doang sebenarnya) nyetir di luar negeri. Tapi bukan tentang nyetirnya, hehe. That will come later! 

Kebetulan sekarang kami sedang roadtrip di Australia untuk #HoneymoonJilidDua, hehe. Dan di Instagram Story, banyak banget yang nanya tentang SIM!
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London to Jakarta Travel Tips
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Tips for Travelling from London to Jakarta

When crossing continents it’s always important to research and plan ahead, as the long haul flight invites a slew of unforeseen hassles from airport parking spaces to immigration problems to even hotel accommodation. For example, for tourists travelling from a European metropolis like London to a Southeast Asian city such as Jakarta, the overall process from airport to airport can be complicated and taxing. Covering a distance of about 11,679 kilometers or 6392 nautical miles away, the mere flight takes more than 15 hours, which means it’ll prove to be a challenge even to the most frequent traveller. Fortunately, here are some tips on how to enjoy the whole trip from London to Jakarta.

Pre-book a Parking Space

When driving to a London airport like Gatwick or Heathrow, aside from considering the travel time and traffic, it’s also important to pre-select a parking spot. These landing fields are some of the busiest and most crowded in the world, so expect heavy congestion all throughout. In addition, knowing the different advantages of the types of parking is ideal for preparing for every eventuality. A UK-based parking aggregator lists the four examples as on-airport, off-airport, meet and greet, and airport hotel with parking. That way, travellers can start their vacation on the right note.

Know the Visa Requirements

British citizens can visit Indonesia without a visa for a maximum of 30 days under the waiver scheme. On the other hand, for business travellers, tourists should apply for a visa that lasts up to 30 days upon arrival and costs about £25. It’s also worth noting that this visa can be extended once as long as travellers apply to an immigration office within the country. Other requirements include proof of onward travel, as well as departure and airport tax.

Make the Most of the 15-Hour Flight

Before boarding the plane, it’s wise to stay hydrated and wear comfortable, layered clothing. It’s also advisable to drink green tea as it helps fend off jetlag. During the flight, try and limit food intake to a decent amount. A medical website points out the difference in the digestive system on land and in the air. Having said this, tourists should just opt for a simple snack inside the plane or better yet eat a packed sandwich beforehand.

Find a Good Location

Upon arriving in Jakarta, tourists should’ve at least reserved a decent accommodation in some of the best places to stay in the city. For tourists who have more than enough, the wise choices would be Lingkar Kuningan and the Bunderan Hotel Indonesia area. Ritz Carlton Kuningan, Grand Hyatt, and J. W. Marriott appeal to travellers the most, as they are all located near Jakarta’s places of interest.

Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads
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How I Lived and Worked in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a Month

A lot of people have been asking me: “What did you do in Chiang Mai?” “Are you on holiday or what? Why does it take so long?” and blah blah blah.

Well, the truth is,

Yes, I was on a holiday, but no, not that kind of holiday where you have all the time in the world to explore the new place without having anything to do or anything to think about. I don’t have the luxury to spend my own money on a one month holiday, just yet. And I don’t like a short 3 to 7 days kind of holiday either. That kind of short trip might get more expensive because of the flight ticket and stuff and I didn’t want to waste my money only for a week of tiring holiday. Why should I, right? Plus, there is no way I could leave my work for a week, either.

But I could, of course, work 5 days a week in a different place, different country, and travel around the city on the weekend (and weekday nights). So it sounds like a pretty good deal to me.    Baca lebih lanjut

White Instagram Photo
Tips & Tutorial

Whitegram : White Instagram Photo + SNAPSEED TUTORIAL

You know, I’ve recently noticed that this kind of shot, the oh-my-table-is-so-white-it-looks-so-elegant-i-must-be-a-neat-person shot is kinda popular among Instagramers (or is it just among the people I follow?). There are even several popular tags for that. Let’s say, #whiteaddict. Or, #whitegram, #whyteworks, #whywhiteworks, and many many more. Ring the bell? I bet it does.

I know some people who find it boring, but I personally like this kind of shot. It gives this neat looking picture, with a clean effect without overdo it. So lately, I’ve been doing quite a few white shot and I must admit : IT IS NOT EASY (at the first time)! There are so much trouble like the lighting, your own shadows, your phone shadows, your camera shadows, and even the shadows from the object you’re trying to capture itself sometimes annoys me.

Now I want to share with you how I do my #whiteaddict shot and how I edit it. I use mainly Snapseed for editing my whitegram. I found it soooo easy to use and the most important thing is, it works like wonder! And I’m hoping I could get many many other tips from you! Please don’t be hesitate to hit the comment down below and share what you know about this stuff! 😉

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