Bandung in One Day

It’s funny when I realize that I barely write things about the town I’ve been living like for 3 years. I mean, Bandung is amazing. It’s one of the most popular tourist site in West Java, Indonesia. And I’ve been to a lot of interesting places. How come I didn’t write anything about it?

Well, the thing is… when I live here, I don’t feel like I’m currently travelling. I mean, I feel like I just simply living my normal university life.

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Origin House and Kitchen

Last Friday, Fred came by for a short visit. The only reason he did was only because of the so called Braga Festival 2013, I guess. But then… since the festival itself is a bit disappointing, we decided to give our selves a nice dinner.

I’ve heard so many people mentioning Origin House and Kitchen as one of the must-visit bistro in Bandung. They all were like : “You should go! It has a great ambiance and good food too!” or “What? You never went to Origin before? You must be kidding. It’s one of my favorite.

They somehow took the curiosity out of me, in so many ways. And so we went.

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Arena Pub & Restaurant, Sanur, Bali

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a Saturday night, for many people including me, dining out is one of life’s great pleasures. So, when it comes to weekend, I always look for somewhere new for dining out. Well, not always. And the place is not always going to be a new one. Lanjutkan membaca “Arena Pub & Restaurant, Sanur, Bali”

Our Lovely Late Valentine’s Dinner at Nanny’s Pavillon

Last month, our so-called valentine’s dinner was featured in Nanny’s Pavillon, Bandung. I’ve heard so much about this place, but never got a chance to visit it even once. I mean, I could have. But since I heard so many good things about this place, I just want my first visit to be special. And then Fred came by (he lives in Depok) and we decided to take a try.

I’m glad we did! This place is totally great. At least for us. Lanjutkan membaca “Our Lovely Late Valentine’s Dinner at Nanny’s Pavillon”