The Sweetest Dinner : Jubilare Dine and Wine

I rarely go to Sukajadi or Setiabudi area since it’s pretty far from where I live. I mean, not that kind of far that will takes more than an hour to drive, but, it’s far for me since I have no private car here (and even if I do, I can’t drive) and I have to take a public transportation instead. So when Fred came by last weekend, I took advantage of him. I mean, of his car. I ask him to take me to Setiabudi Supermarket so I could FINALLY get my sea salt, yay! Going to make some more pretzels later.

But anyway…

Sukajadi and Setiabudi areas are quite popular among Jakartans. There are malls and dozen of restaurants, which later I found to be the main thing that attracts people to keep going there.

Jubilare Wine and Dine is one of them. We found in Tripadvisor that Jubilare is the #1 Restaurant in BandungThat is exactly what makes Fred don’t feel like he want to miss it this time. After spending our afternoon at Lembang, we went hungry like crazy and decided to check Jubilare out. Well, it was all Fred’s idea. He even planned it before he reached Bandung. 
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Our Lovely Late Valentine’s Dinner at Nanny’s Pavillon

Last month, our so-called valentine’s dinner was featured in Nanny’s Pavillon, Bandung. I’ve heard so much about this place, but never got a chance to visit it even once. I mean, I could have. But since I heard so many good things about this place, I just want my first visit to be special. And then Fred came by (he lives in Depok) and we decided to take a try.

I’m glad we did! This place is totally great. At least for us. Lanjutkan membaca “Our Lovely Late Valentine’s Dinner at Nanny’s Pavillon”

Seaside Dining on Jimbaran Beach, Bali

For you who have a chance to visit Bali, you should never ever missed one dinner time at the seashore. Fresh coconut water, fresh seafood, & the beautiful sunset are there waiting for you. Here in Bali, the most popular spot where you can experience dining on the beach sand on the sunset is is in Jimbaran. There are plenty of restaurant lined up in the beach. You can choose any restaurants you want because most of them sell the same kind of food. But don’t be surprised, the food is indeed over priced.Lanjutkan membaca “Seaside Dining on Jimbaran Beach, Bali”