Bandung in One Day

It’s funny when I realize that I barely write things about the town I’ve been living like for 3 years. I mean, Bandung is amazing. It’s one of the most popular tourist site in West Java, Indonesia. And I’ve been to a lot of interesting places. How come I didn’t write anything about it?

Well, the thing is… when I live here, I don’t feel like I’m currently travelling. I mean, I feel like I just simply living my normal university life.

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Mini Travel Guide : Bali, Indonesia


I know summer is coming to an end, real quick. People are starting to wear sweater and boots here. And although the sun still shines so bright in the morning,  the rain always seems to pour at noon.

And… before these precious memories of mine lost forgotten, I want to share a summary, I guess, of my favorite place, my favorite foods, and the activities I used to have last summer. This is just another informal mini travel guide about Bali which you can easily find in the internet. But mine is a lil bit personal. You know, I’m not a travel-expert. Not even closed to be one. I don’t get to explore every inches of Bali.  That’s obvious. I just happened to live there, enjoying the island the way I like.

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A Year in Review : 2012

Yes, I know this is a little bit too late for posting a 2012-review. But I don’t care. Better late than never, isn’t it?

Well, 2012 has been a great eventful year for me. I traveled a lot (compared to 2011 when I went to Bali and Pattaya), I ate a lot, cooked a lot, rest a lot, study a little and unfortunately, I understand the lesson even less. The weird thing is, I’m completely okay with that.

I started the year off with a few travel resolutions, involving food and fitness (which turned out that I only did the exercise twice), and some others like ‘getting a summer internship’. Well this one worked.Lanjutkan membaca “A Year in Review : 2012”

Travelling to the Beaches in West Java, Indonesia

I’ve been living in a tropical country for my whole life and I don’t think I’ll move out to a country with a cold climate. Because you know what? What’s so great about living in a tropical island is that you don’t have to wait till summer to go to the beach! This is what I do to start a new year.

Fred and I decided to take a 3-days road trip to the beaches in the west side of Java island. Since we didn’t have any plans for our holiday, we just packed our stuffs and headed to the city of Anyer, Banten in West Java.Lanjutkan membaca “Travelling to the Beaches in West Java, Indonesia”

Monas, The National Monument of Indonesia

For some people, Monas is just an icon of Jakarta – the capital city of Indonesia. Just like the Eiffel of Paris, perhaps or the Pisa of Italy. I don’t know. I’ve never even been in those places before. Or maybe for some others, Monas is just an old museum or a recreation park where people can jog and have some exercises in Sunday morning. Or perhaps some people even have no idea of what it is inside Monas & they just don’t wanna know about it. They’ll say : “Why should we bother about a monument when we got a lot of malls here in Jakarta? I can’t see anything special about it”. (Well, as a matter of fact, I’m sooo sick of malls.) But for some people, Monas is much more than that. It’s a symbol of struggle. A symbol of freedom and independence.Lanjutkan membaca “Monas, The National Monument of Indonesia”

Walking the Great Wall of China!

At the end of August 2012, my friend and I went to 北京 (Beijing), China for the first time. I was so excited since I’ve never actually been there before. I couldn’t imagine living in a city where most of the people can’t understand English. Even the receptionist in the hotel we stayed can only speak Chinese Mandarin. Here, language is such a trouble for me. I was like : “Hmm. I should take a Mandarin course as soon as I go back to Indonesia”Lanjutkan membaca “Walking the Great Wall of China!”

De Ranch, Lembang, Indonesia

In October 2012, my friend and I went to a local ranch located in Lembang, Indonesia. It was approximately 1 hour car-driving from Bandung.

What makes me so excited is that this is actually my first time going to a ranch! And what do you think of when you heard the term ‘ranch’? A horse, of course! I was like : “Yaaay I’m going to ride a horse! A real horse!”. To tell the truth, I’ve never ridden a horse before. I rode an elephant before in Pattaya, Thailand, but, you know, elephant walks so damn slowly and I knew it from the beginning that riding a horse might be completely different. Well, may be not when you’re accompanied by the ‘horse man’. They will make sure we ride our horse safely.Lanjutkan membaca “De Ranch, Lembang, Indonesia”