Bandung in One Day

De Ranch Bandung

It’s funny when I realize that I barely write things about the town I’ve been living like for 3 years. I mean, Bandung is amazing. It’s one of the most popular tourist site in West Java, Indonesia. And I’ve been to a lot of interesting places. How come I didn’t write anything about it?

Well, the thing is… when I live here, I don’t feel like I’m currently travelling. I mean, I feel like I just simply living my normal university life.

I left my hometown 3 years ago for attending university in Bandung and I didn’t feel sad or whatsoever. In fact, I felt excited! But of course, it’s hard for the first time because you’ve got to do things by your own, including washing dishes, cooking some food, making up the bed, so on and so forth. Well, that’s the boring part. But the best thing is…….. I got a chance to explore the city even more! So I guess moving to Bandung has made me who I am today. A girl who loves travelling and taking pictures, well yeah, and eating.

So, this post is actually about what I did last weekend. Fred & I go exploring the city and the foods. Unlike any other tour packages which force you to attend so many places in such little time, mine is more likely to be a slow travelling style. As one said, life is a journey, not a destination, right?

So, let’s go!

08.00 Breakfast at Hummingbird Cafe

As you might already know, I’m a morning kind of person. I love waking up early and having breakfast – especially when Fred is around. So there’s someone you can talk about everything to. We even have a weekend breakfast routine when we lived in Bali last summer.

One of my favorite place to dine in in Bandung is Hummingbird Eatery. I went last Christmas for some waffles and I also had some dinner with my high school friends several times. And so far, Hummingbird Eatery never fails me.

Then, my friend Kenny, mention about how great the breakfast Hummingbird Eatery serves. It’s actually one of her favorite breakfast spot so I guess I should check it out, should I?

Well, she was right! There are a lot of variety of breakfast meal offered here. And surprisingly, it is served in a big big portion. I think Fred & I should order just one meal next time.


This place can be easily recognized from its ‘bird’ theme. And you know what? Hummingbird does have a huge bird nest that covers the outdoor seats! But since there are too much smoke to take in if we sit outside (yes, it’s a smoking area), we chose the indoor seat instead.

Hummingbird Eatery Bandung
Comfy Seat
Hummingbird Eatery Interior
The Shelf
Hummingbird Eatery Interior
The Kitchen

It was quite crowded that morning and I was surprised of that.


For the food, we had something called Full Monty – similar to English Breakfast Set and Eating Machine – similar to Egg Benedict. And we had Long Black for the drink, as usual. I was looking for a cup of Flat White but too bad Hummingbird does not have any.

Hummingbird Eatery Long Black
Long Black

And here’s how the Full Monty looks like. The plate is literally… full of meats and stuff. I love the baked potato the best! I even finish all the potatoes myself. Never mind, Fred doesn’t really enjoy it anyway.

Full Monty comes together with bratwurst sausage. But we ask them to substitute it with bacon instead. However, the bacon is weird… It’s not even well cooked and not even closed to crispy. Doesn’t even look tempting! But well, this set is one of the good breakfast you’ll find in Bandung. We’ll make sure to ask for a crispy bacon next time 😉

Hummingbird Eatery Full Monty
Full Monty

And here’s my Eating Machine. My first thoughts when I first saw the eggs were like : “How am I supposed to eat this?” The hollandaise is a bit runny. And I was worry about breaking the yolk. But I finish them anyway, and I totally forgot how. It tasted good! But a lil bit too much for me. I was hoping that Hummingbird sells some croissant or something.

Hummingbird Eatery Breakfast
Eating Machine

Halloween Season

Anyway, since it’s almost Halloween, Hummingbird does decorate their place with some Halloween ornaments. Although it’s one month early, I actually found it exciting to feel like we’re already in a Halloween season.

Halloween Ornament Hummingbird Eatery
Trick or Treat!

What’s even more exciting is that they even got this cute silly photo booth for us to take picture on!

Halloween Photo Booth
We wish you happy early Halloween!

We will definitely come back for more breakfast meal!

10.30 De Ranch

De Ranch is probably the only ranch you could find here in Bandung. (Or it could be the only popular open-for-public ranch). It’s actually located in Lembang – the North side of Bandung, about 1 hour drive from the city if the traffic’s okay.

We once went to this place exactly last year. And we pretty much enjoy our time there. I rode a horse for the very first time, rode a mini ATV, walked around, and of course – took some pictures.

De Ranch View
De Ranch

The view here is very beautiful. I mean it. You see the mountain behind those trees? Yes, Lembang is a highland so it’s pretty cold here.

The Ranch
The Ranch

The atmosphere, the view, the… everything is just so different from the place I live in. It’s one of the cool spot you can hit for a quick and refreshing getaway in Bandung.

This time, we didn’t ride any horses since it’s quite boring as we are not allowed to control our own horses (which is sucks) – unless if you take the horse riding lesson. So we just walked around, talked, enjoyed the scenery, and took some photos. It’s 12 am but the autumn breeze blows perfectly.

De Ranch Bandung

De Ranch
Thank you Fred for this great picture of mine!

13.00 Lunch at Lawang Wangi

It’s lunch time! After spending like an hour or so at the ranch, we’re starting to starve and decided to leave Lembang as it might get crowded at noon. We went to Lawang Wangi Art Space & Cafe in Dago Giri. Also from a recommendation of a friend.

Lawang Wangi is more likely to be a place with Art Gallery, Design Space, and a Cafe. It’s located at the highland of Dago area so it is indeed chilly up there. The wind just can’t stop blowing.

The Art Gallery itself is open for public. But too bad I didn’t take any photos of it. There are some paintings and statues and stuffs displayed. And you know what? The founder of the gallery is actually a scientist who happens to have a strong passion about art!

Well, if love at the first sight does apply to a cafe, this might be our first love.

Lawang Wangi Art Space


Lawang Wangi

Anyway, there are seat available outdoor, semi-outdoor, and indoor. We chose the semi-outdoor one since we can still enjoy the gorgeous view of Bandung and not shivering.

I had Taliwang Oxtail Soup while Fred had Ribs BBQ. The oxtail soup was exceptionally good! And I also love Fred’s ribs bbq. But still prefer the oxtail soup better.

Lawang Wangi Oxtail Soup
Taliwang Oxtail Soup
Lawang Wangi Oxtail Soup
Taliwang Oxtail Soup

The word Taliwang itself refers to the chilli paste on top of the oxtail. It’s actually a traditional chilli paste from Lombok. It does not normally comes together with an oxtail soup. It usually fits best with grilled chicken. But it really went well with oxtail as well. Yum!

And here’s the BBQ Ribs. Definitely fits Fred’s taste so well!

Lawang Wangi Ribs BBQ
Ribs BBQ

I personally think the one Cafe Wayan in Bali serves is better. But since those two restaurant is miles away far apart, I shouldn’t compare them.

I also had Ginger Tea with lemon and it comes out with a pot! They use Walini tea – Bandung local tea. Tasted good! 

Oh! There’s this funny thing about ordering this lemon ginger tea.

So, Lawang Wangi actually does not sell Ginger Lemon Tea. It’s either Ginger Tea or Lemon Tea. I love both and I usually just combine ginger and lemon since they fit each other really well!. Then I asked the waiter if I could have Ginger Tea with Lemon and he said “I’m afraid no, we haven’t had such an order so far.”

So I asked him : “Okay, then I’ll have Ginger Tea but can I ask for some lemon slices?” and he said : “Sure!”.

…. I have no clue what’s happening. But anyway, I finally got my Ginger Lemon tea.

Lawang Wangi Tea
Ginger Tea with Lemon

15.00 Braga Festival 2013

Braga Festival is an annual festival held in Braga Street, one of the most popular street with cafes and pubs along its way. It’s popular among the youth and the artist.

Unfortunately, the festival is not as merry as I thought it would be. It is a little it disappointing. I mean, if the same festival is about to be held next year, I’m gonna rethink my idea of attending it.

There are some paintings being displayed and even some painters painting their own canvas, live! I think this artist is about to paint a traditional dancer.

Braga Painting


There are also some food stalls offering many kind of snacks – which are not inviting at all. Except this! Ketan Bakar (Baked Sticky Rice). It’s one of the popular traditional snack in Bandung. I don’t know what the fillings are. Shredded coconut perhaps? But it tasted so good. It’s actually my sister’s favorite too!

Ketan Bakar Bandung
Got my Ketan Bakar. Yay!
Ketan Bakar
Ketan Bakar

Then, we also went for a slice of oreo cheesecake in Suga Rush – one of the hippiest cafe in Braga Street. It’s not that good, though. I prefer Strawberry Cheesecake in The Harvest better.

Oreo Cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake in Suga Rush

But after all, it’s not how good the cake you had, how amazing the festival you attended. It’s how you spend your day with people you love. 🙂

19.00 Dinner at Origin House and Kitchen

I have a special post about Origin House and Kitchen here. The food, the atmosphere, the place was just perfect!

Origin House and Kitchen Interior
The Comfy Sofa

I had a plate of Fettuccine Carbonara while Fred had something called Honey Roasted Organic Chicken. And they tasted uh-ma-zing!

The Fettuccine Carbonara they serve was so rich and unique. Unlike any other Carbonara, it does have a little bit of sour flavor. I guess they put some lemon in there. And surprisingly, lemon fits best!

Fettuccine Carbonara Origin Kitchen
Fettuccine Carbonara

The Honey Roasted Organic Chicken is so tender, and sweet, and savory. I can’t stand taking Fred’s chicken away from his plate.

Honey Roasted Chicken
Honey Roasted Organic Chicken
Honey Roasted Chicken
Oh, look at that!

For the drink, I had myself a big cup of Hot Chocolate and Fred had something called Body Booster. It’s kind of a vegetables & fruits juice. They put strawberry, carrot, and many other stuffs in there. I didn’t take a sip of his drink, but I can see he likes it.

The hot chocolate? Don’t ask me. It’s so rich, and warm, and not-too-sweet. I don’t know. It just fits me best for a chilly night.

Origin Kitchen Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

I’m soooo happy we did check out what Origin House and Kitchen is all about. It turns out to be one of the restaurant I want to come back anytime! The food and the place is just perfect for me. We will definitely come back for more food! :)


So, I guess those pretty much sums up my oh-so-fun activity last weekend. It might not suits everyone. But I found it to be my best way of enjoying the city on weekend.

So I guess this is goodbye? I will catch up with more “Bandung in One Day” later! See you!

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  1. fullandbeautiful berkata:

    Uuuu you mentioned me! How nice :3 We should do a random hangout after class together, you know. Btw, turns out Hummingbird changes their photo booth often. I took myself a photo with my boyfriend when it was easter season. Lol.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Uuuu you read my post!

      Hahahaha that easter photobooth is silly!!! Look at your face! And erida … *speechless*
      Let’s do some random hangout after class. Would be such a stress relief! :3

  2. You had lovely day at Bandung great..

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      I did. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Kaho berkata:

    Looks amazing!! I think Bandung is such an awesome city! I wish the access from Jakarta was easier. The ranch looks SO FUN and I wish I knew about it before we left to take kids. The Origin House & Kitchen looks great, too!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you!!! 😀
      Yeah it is awesome. Oh you probably should visit De Ranch next time you visit Bandung. I’m sure your kids will love it! There’s also a new venue called Lembang Floating Market which is also interesting. They sell a lot of food :9

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Kaho berkata:

        Definitely De Ranch! I shared your post on my Facebook fan page.
        Keep up with your great work!

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          oh that’s so sweet of you. thank you, Kaho! You too, keep writing on your great blog. I reaaaaally adore your lovely kids.

  4. Shanice Nicole berkata:

    Looks like a great time!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      One of the best time of mine 😉

  5. Messa berkata:

    De Ranch cakep kayaknya ya, mbak. Jadi penasaran pengen kesana 😀 happy weekend 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Iya cakep. Enak nyantai disana kalo lg adem udara nya 🙂 hihi you too. Happy weekend!

  6. kazwini13 berkata:

    haha I Love BANDUNG.
    btw, nice to know you Sharon 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Kaz! Thanks for stopping by.
      Nice to know you too! You have a wonderful blog. 😀

      1. kazwini13 berkata:

        awww thanks anyway..
        and your travelog is amazing 😀

  7. Your posts makes me really want to visit bandung, and Indonesia too for that matter!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Iz! Thanks for reading.
      Ah, make sure you tell me once you visit Bandung. I’ll take you to my favorite places! 😉

      1. Sure! I will need to find the opportunity to visit Indonesia on my way to Thailand, my home country. If you’ve recently visited Thailand, I think you’d agree that both countries seems very similar 🙂

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          Oh, are you from Thailand?
          I visited Pattaya 2 years ago and I pretty much enjoy the street food Thailand has offered. Can’t wait for another chance for me to visit Bangkok. I didn’t have the time to explore the city a little more that time. But yeah, the traffic and the weather is pretty similar with my country 😉

          1. I heard that Indonesia has a quickly growing population at this day and age though. So I guess the traffic must be a bit worse there 😉 Pattaya is pretty but it does have a lot of shady areas too. You must visit Bangkok! You will love the food offered there even more! We have similar chains like breadtalk and do you guys have redmango? I can’t wait to sample the foods in Indonesia! Also, you will love the chain in Bangkok that sells delicious toasted buttered bread with sugar and condensed milk, with various other flavours served with all sorts of flavoured cold milk drinks!

            1. Sharon Loh berkata:

              Haha I bet the traffic here is indeed worse. Especially in Jakarta. Oh I hate that city. But when it comes to food, Jakarta does offer so many kind of foods. Oh my.

              Yes we have Red Mango here 🙂

              Oh that sounds interesting! I can’t wait to visit Bangkok. Anyway, I love Thai Tea! Do you guys call it ‘Thai Tea’ or just ‘Milk Tea’? Many of my friends are obsessed with Thai Tea just like I do 😉

              1. You hate the city?? Hate is a pretty harsh word! Is it because of the pollution/car fumes as well? That would be what puts me off about a big city.
                It would be change for me going from New Zealand to Bangkok again. Thankfully, I’m only visiting 😀
                Just enough time to enjoy the foods, sights and shopping available before the traffic and business gets to me! Haha.
                I hear you guys are crazy about Auntie Dai’s too? What are the other chains in South East Asia… Do you guys have this sugarfree ice-cream chain? And what about Daddy Dough? (Their doughnut is the best, softest, delicious thing ever! Dunkin Donuts can just move out of the way).
                Are most Indonesians addicted to Thai Tea too? I’m glad our beverage has gone global! 😀 No, we don’t call it ‘Thai tea’ despite our tendency to include Thai into our food names e.g. Pad Thai, Tum Thai. We call it ‘Cha Nom Yen’ or “Cold Milk Tea” from ‘Cha Dum Yen’ – “Cold Black Tea” you should also try another very popular beverage, “O-liang” which is Thai coffee.
                I drank way too much of milk tea than I should have last time I visited, they’re simply on every corner! You will definitely splurge on milk tea when you are there!

  8. chris13jkt berkata:

    Hmm . . Lawang Wangi seems pretty interesting. Perhaps I have to visit it the next time I go to Bandung 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      It is! One of our favorite spot in Bandung 😀

  9. Nin berkata:

    I should have visited your blog earlier, as I strugle where to go in Bandung where I went there last month.
    Thank you for sharing….

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Oh dear, that’s too bad. No worry, you’ll definitely have another chance to visit Bandung next time!
      And thanks for reading 😀

  10. Hendihen berkata:

    Terima kasih infonya……. Salam kenal & Silakan bersantai di Guest House Bandung Pasteur. Penginapan di bandung untuk rombongan dan keluarga besar. Lebih hemat daripada sewa perkamar di hotel. Open for Business 0857 2382 6100

  11. ainun berkata:

    Nice info sharon. Salam kenal ya

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Halo ainun. Makasih ya udah mampir di blog ku. Salam kenal juga 😀

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