Origin House and Kitchen

Honey Roasted Chicken

Last Friday, Fred came by for a short visit. The only reason he did was only because of the so called Braga Festival 2013, I guess. But then… since the festival itself is a bit disappointing, we decided to give our selves a nice dinner.

I’ve heard so many people mentioning Origin House and Kitchen as one of the must-visit bistro in Bandung. They all were like : “You should go! It has a great ambiance and good food too!” or “What? You never went to Origin before? You must be kidding. It’s one of my favorite.

They somehow took the curiosity out of me, in so many ways. And so we went.

The Atmosphere

As I walked in, I was stunned of how great the place is. It is indeed interesting! You would found a neat organic mini mart at the front of the building, then if you walk any further, you’ll find a cute little household store and also a bakery.

Origin Kitchen Store
The Household Store
Origin Household Store
Still, The Household Store

And the last one you’ll find at the very back is the restaurant itself. And all of them are so incredibly well organized with the green concept. I found the restaurant really cozy.

Origin House and Kitchen Interior
The Comfy Sofa
Origin House and Kitchen Interior
The Neat Small Table
Origin House and Kitchen Interior
The Cute Candle Hanger

Anyway, there are also some seat available upstairs. But from what I read in foursquare, sitting upstairs might not be the best choice since you might not get served quickly. And I also found that the atmosphere is not as comfortable as the one downstairs, so….

Origin House and Kitchen Upstairs
The Seat Upstairs

It’s just a little bit dark up there, and I found that the table set is not suitable for dinner. But it might be a great coffee table 😉

The Food

Fred was craving for Indonesian or Asian cuisine, I guess. And I was craving for some Italian food or something. Lucky us that Origin House and Kitchen does serve both! So, I had a plate of Fettuccine Carbonara while Fred had something called Honey Roasted Organic Chicken. And they tasted uh-ma-zing!

The Fettuccine Carbonara they serve was so rich and unique. Unlike any other Carbonara, it does have a little bit of sour flavor. I guess they put some lemon in there. And surprisingly, lemon fits best!

Fettuccine Carbonara Origin Kitchen
Fettuccine Carbonara

The Honey Roasted Organic Chicken is so tender, and sweet, and savory. I can’t stand taking Fred’s chicken away from his plate.

Honey Roasted Chicken
Honey Roasted Organic Chicken
Honey Roasted Chicken
Oh, look at that!

For the drink, I had myself a big cup of Hot Chocolate and Fred had something called Body Booster. It’s kind of a vegetables & fruits juice. They put strawberry, carrot, and many other stuffs in there. I didn’t take a sip of his drink, but I can see he likes it.

The hot chocolate? Don’t ask me. It’s so rich, and warm, and not-too-sweet. I don’t know. It just fits me best for a chilly night.

Origin Kitchen Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Origin House and Kitchen Drink
Body Booster

I’m soooo happy we did check out what Origin House and Kitchen is all about. It turns out to be one of the restaurant I want to come back anytime! The food and the place is just perfect for me. We will definitely come back for more food! 🙂

Origin House and Kitchen

Origin House and Kitchen


Thanks for such a great dinner, Origin!



Website : Origin House and Kitchen

Psst, they also serve good breakfast everyday at 7-11 am!


8 Komentar

  1. Fascha berkata:

    Looks so yummy and very comfy place, kereeen!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you! It’s actually one of my favorite now. 😀

  2. bhellabhello berkata:

    My friends & I organised a friend’s bday party here and I still remember its delicious foods and its kind and helpful employees. they helped us a lot in preparing the party. One of my favs also 😉

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Wow, having a birthday party here sounds delightful!

      I couldn’t agree more! The employees are indeed kind and the foods are…. damn my mouths watering.

  3. xbox2121 berkata:

    I really enjoy travel blogs like yours. It allows me to see parts of the world I will never get to,through your eyes,words and photos !

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      thank you sooo much! a comment like this is really the thing I need to keep writing. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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