Kopi Es Tak Kie, Jakarta

Legendary. That’s the only word I found best describe Kopi Es Tak Kie. This old traditional coffee shop has been serving great coffee since 1927. And it’s been run from one generation to another.

I walked slowly at the alley just to make sure I didn’t miss this coffee shop. A hidden gem in Gang Gloria, Glodok Pancoran area, the Chinatown of Jakarta.

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Bo Shin Myeong Ga Korean Restaurant, Jakarta

Not familiar with Korean food? Well, me too! Actually, I’m not familiar with anything Korean-related. Not even K-pop or K-drama or whatever. I’ve been looking at my friends’ picture on Instagram, and many of them uploaded pictures of them eating Korean food. I was like : “what does it taste like? spicy? salty?” I have no idea.

Fred took me to Bo Shin Myeong Ga just when my curiosity grows even stronger. It’s an authentic Korean restaurant in South Jakarta.

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Taste of North Sumatra : BPK

I once tweeted about the idea of me exploring Indonesian local foods more and share it on my blog. I also am dreaming about writing a book : Taste of Indonesia. Then one of my friend did response to my tweet and he said that Babi Panggang Karo (Karo-styled Roast Pig or people simply call it BPK) should be on my list. I was like… what the hell? WHAT IS THAT? 

Well, lucky me, just a week later, my another friend who happened to be a Karonese ask me to go out for some BPK. I was like : “Yay! I can’t wait any longer!

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WAHAHA Pork Ribs, Another Good Pork Ribs in Bali

I’m a big fans of pork ribs!!! The grilled one, to be exact.

Since we moved out to Bali last June, we’ve been hunting pork ribs several times, from Naughty Nuris in Kerobokan, Naughty Nuris in Ubud, Cafe Wayan in Ubud, until Bale Bali in Seminyak – the one I dislike the most.

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Naughty Nuri’s, Bali

“Don’t be naughty but nasty. Only poo-poo and pee-pee are allowed here” – a caution sign in Naughty Nuri’s toilet. Ha!


Well, if you’re a fan of Naughty Nuri’s, you’ve probably already known that this legendary expat hang-out restaurant serves a very good ribs – pork ribs to be exact. Probably the best I’ve ever tasted.Lanjutkan membaca “Naughty Nuri’s, Bali”

Arena Pub & Restaurant, Sanur, Bali

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a Saturday night, for many people including me, dining out is one of life’s great pleasures. So, when it comes to weekend, I always look for somewhere new for dining out. Well, not always. And the place is not always going to be a new one. Lanjutkan membaca “Arena Pub & Restaurant, Sanur, Bali”