NatWat Home Cafe, Chiang Mai

NatWat Home Cafe Chiang Mai

I should say that I’m not a huge fan of cafe when it comes to lunch time. I’d rather find those tiny stalls in the alley, or go to a local restaurant which is packed up with hungry people during lunch time. But this place got to be an exception, you’ll find out why!

So it was a sunny mid day in Chiang Mai when Fred, Susan, Adam, and I were going to a certain local eatery for lunch. We later found that the place was horrible. There were so many flies, or bees, we didn’t know for sure. But the point is, it looked super dirty and we knew we got to move to another place right away. This Nat Wat thing, was Susan’s idea. (Thanks to you, Susan!!!).

It was slightly outside of main tourist area (read : Nimman area & Old City area). And it reminds me of Love at First Bite, which is just 10 mins drive away from Nat Wat.

NatWat Home Cafe Chiang Mai

NatWat Home Cafe Chiang Mai

NatWat Home Cafe is dominated with dark wooden furniture, from door to table, everything is fully furnished. And I super adore that giant glass window, it makes this place a lot brighter without that annoying shadow – talking about a great natural light for taking picture. Awesome place.

Nat Wat Chiang Mai

Nat Wat Chiang Mai


Best Cafe Chiang Mai


Nat Wat Chiang Mai

Nat Wat Chiang Mai

Cafe in Chiang Mai

They do serve coffee, breakfast, dessert, and also main course. Since it was lunch time, we didn’t order any coffee. I heard they serve one of the best coffee. Might need to check it out on my next visit 😉

Now, talking about food.

Where to eat in Chiang Mai

Fred had a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara with crispy bacon on top. Soooo creamy, so lovely.

Nat Wat Home Cafe Chiang Mai
Roast Chicken

And of course mine was waaaay better. This roast chicken is an absolute winner. It came in a big chunk, and the meat was super thick and tender. It was grilled ’til perfection – crispy skin and tender juicy meat inside. It was served with fries, sautéed mushroom, sweet potato, broccoli, and tomato. This is seriously SO good.

NatWat Home Cafe Chiang Mai

Since we just had our coffee before we got here, we didn’t order any drink at all. Instead, we took advantage of this free iced water we can easily get in ANY cafe / restaurant / food stall in Chiang Mai. And even if you don’t buy any other drink, they’ll be more than happy to refill your water – as much as you need it.

Sharon Loh with Pergi Dulu
Happy Tummy!

Sharon Loh with Pergi Dulu

We were so happy to spend our lunch time here. Food was incredibly good, and the place itself was sooooo homy & comfortable that we spent hours just sitting and talking. A recommended place!

Oh, you should check out their toilet! :p It’s one of the coolest.


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