Kazan Ramen, Jakarta

Kazan Ramen

You know, I never knew that there’s such thing as Volcano Ramen. Like, ramen itself is served hot, right? And how hot does it take to make a ramen hot enough that it’s called Volcano Ramen? #confused “Nah, never mind, I’ll just come over and see how they serve the Ramen.”, I thought. So I went to Kazan Ramen Jakarta with Fred last week.

Here, the ramen is served in a hot bowl with a cone-shaped red lid that looks like volcano. The word Kazan itself means volcano, by the way. Now you might be wondering if the broth is going to erupt or something. No no no. That might be too…. unpleasant, and dangerous, really.. 

It actually looks something like this.

Unique Ramen jakarta
The Volcano-Shaped Ramen Cover

Kazan Ramen came from Osaka, Japan. And their signature dish is the Ishiyaki Ramen (Hot-Stone-Roast Ramen). They serve the noodle, soup, and other ingredients in a sizzling hot stone bowl. And then.. they put the cone-shaped lid on top of the hot bowl that it covers the noodle and wait until the steam comes out. It does look like a volcano, doesn’t it? And.. all of those procedures are done on our table, not in the kitchen. I found it pretty entertaining. Sugoi!!

Now, before eating, let’s see what the store looks like!

Kazan Ramen Jakarta

Kazan Ramen Jakarta

Kazan Ramen PIK Jakarta

Kazan Ramen Jakarta

Kazan Ramen Jakarta

I love the details they put on the wall. It looks very…. Japanese.

Food Blogger Jakarta

Kazan Ramen Jakarta

Kazan Ramen Jakarta

Food Blogger Jakarta

Let’s dig in!!

KAZAN KARAMISO (small IDR 59,8k)

This is one of their signature dish. The ramen is served in miso soup, with pork belly slices and spicy minced chicken on top. This one happened to be my favorite among all since it has this spiciness in it.

Unique Ramen jakarta


But you know what? I was a bit surprised that it tasted TOTALLY different with the other ramen I usually had in Jakarta (Like Ikkudo, Marutama, Hakata, and etc etc etc). The one at Kazan Ramen has a completely different taste. The broth, for me, tasted light and sort of, bland compared to those famous ramen chains I mention above. But the texture is somehow thicker and I don’t know, milky or something. You just can’t decide which one is tastier as it’s a completely different thing.

Kazan Ramen PIK Jakarta
Uuuugh look at that bubbly broth
Kazan Ramen PIK Jakarta
Kazan Karamiso

And oh! They serve this ramen with a bowl of rice. I never had ramen with rice before. Is it because Indonesian eat rice a lot that they serve it with rice… or it is simply the way traditional volcano ramen should be served? I’m not really sure. But turned out, I didn’t even touch the rice as the portion of the ramen itself is HUGE for me.

KAZAN SHOYU (small IDR59,8k)

Another version of volcano ramen. This one is served with shoyu broth and without the spicy minced chicken. The one with shoyu broth tasted more tangy and salty than the previous one. And it was lighter on my palate. Still, I have no other ramen to compare with so I can’t judge. It’s just… unique in its own way.

I guess I should eat more of this kind of ramen to be more familiar with it.

Unique Ramen jakarta


Here comes another ramen. It’s served with shio broth. I used to think that shio ramen (which means salt ramen) is served in a clear yellowish salty broth. But this one is totally different. The color of the soup was not clear at all, as you can see. It’s milky white. And yes, it does tasted salty. And they use chicken as the soup base. It tasted even lighter than the volcano one. And I kinda like it! For me, it would be better if they don’t serve it with hard-boiled egg but with soft-boiled egg instead. It would be much yummier with that small little evil :9

Kazan Ramen
Shio Ramen with Chicken

Kazan Ramen

MATCHA SHIRATAMA with Ice Cream (IDR 59,8k)

The dessert here is pretty entertaining! It’s just a basic shaved ice with matcha, red beans, and shiratama dango (a type of mochi made from glutinous rice). BUT …

Kazan Ramen Dessert

They serve it in a bowl that has a hole in it. Inside the hole, they put some dried ice, and they will pour hot water to it that in a way, it will produce this kind of, uhm, fog?

TIME TO TAKE A LOOOOT OF PICTURE! Cause you don’t wanna miss this one. You just can’t.

Sharon Loh

The dessert is pretty decent! I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet. And I looooove the red bean, I swear. The ice was too much for two of us that we couldn’t even finish it. But we really enjoy this dessert, from the presentation to the taste itself. Too bad I can’t really taste the matcha. But overall, it’s still oishii! And eating it was the most fun part of the lunch.

Indonesian Food Blogger

I would say… I’m not familiar with these kind of Ramen. The broth is totally different with what I used to have. It’s a lot lighter, bland, and milkier (I’m not sure if they put milk in it but the texture was a lot like milk.) It was truly a nice experience knowing that there’s another kind of Ramen out there! Will try more of these kind of ramen next time.

I’m in LOVE with the dessert, though! 


Ruko Cordoba, Blok A, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Opening Hours : Mon – Sun : 11.00 – 23.00
Instagram : @kazanramenjakarta
Website : www.tonkotsukazan.com

email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com

3 Komentar

  1. Velysia Zhang berkata:

    Wow..the last one looks yummy! And I love the foggy part. Nice picture!


  2. Kazan Ramen berkata:

    Thank you so much for visiting our store, Kazan Ramen!!
    Hope you enjoyed the “volcano” experience of Kazan Ramen~

    Feel free to come again anytime~ ^^

  3. Andrew berkata:

    We went to kazen ramen in pik on July 28, 2015. Ordered chicken shoyu ramen only to find out that the chicken was not fresh. Smelled like rotten meat. After complaining to the waiter and wanted to talk to manager, only to be told that the manager is out of town. How can you manage a place like this without a person in charge? We will NOT go back again. Two thumbs down.

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