Takumi Robata and Sushi, Senayan Jakarta

Takumi Senayan

You know, after I moved to Jambi, often times I find myself craving for sushi over and over again, like constantly. I don’t think I can find it here. I mean, some vendors do sell sushi, but it’s more like a fusion one and I’m not really into fusion. And besides, the one I tried here turned out to be more fusion than what fusion sushi should looks like to me, if you know what I mean. So the thing is, they don’t look like a good choice to me. Period.

I then remembered the last time I had a very nice sushi somewhere in Jakarta. It’s in Takumi Robata & Sushi. Aside from the great food, this place is friggin’ dope! It got this wooden tables, chairs, and this very wide glass window overlooking the beautiful green Senayan National Golf Club field.

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Takumi Robata and Sushi Jakarta

Takumi Jakarta

Takumi Robata and Sushi Jakarta

Takumi Robata and Sushi Jakarta

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Their menu ranges from the affordable lunch set to Omakase.

For those of you who have no idea of what Omakase is, it’s a Japanese phrase which means “I’ll leave my meal selection to you”. That way, their chef will draw upon the highest quality and the freshes seasonal ingredients of the day, and create a special menu featuring both hot and cold dishes while demonstrating the diversity and originality of Takumi’s cuisine. It’s very pricey though, around IDR 1,6 mio or so.

Takumi Robata Jakarta Review

We opted for the lunch set, which only costs you around IDR 135k / person. That includes chawanmushi as an appetizer, one sushi set, one noodle set, and one scoop of ice cream for dessert.

We started the lunch with this lovely chawanmushiImagine this : an egg mixture with mirin and soysauce, mushroom, shrimp, and many other ingredients, steamed. Very soft and silky. I love how simple this dish is. It can hardly go wrong!

 Best Sushi jakarta
Best Japanese Restaurant Jakarta
Bye bye, chawanmushi

Then, I got myself one set of fresh sushi.

You can actually choose between normal Sushi Set (like I had) or Chirashi-Don, which is rice topped with fresh raw fish, in a bowl. To me, it’s like a huge glorious messy version of a sushi. Since I didn’t think I can eat much that day, I opted for the sushi set instead.

Look what I got!

Sushi at Takumi Jakarta
Sushi Set
Takumi Senayan
Sushi Set

They were simply awesome. It is by far the freshest sushi I’ve had in Jakarta. Too bad that they were running out of salmon. I really wanted to try their fresh salmon. But maybe next time.

Okay. Soba came next.

Soba at Takumi Jakarta
Cold Soba
Cold Soba Jakarta
Cold Soba

My friend got himself this cold soba. And from the way he ate it, he seems to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed mine. I’m not into cold-food (except sushi, and ice cream) so I opted for the hot one.

It was pretty nice but very soyu-y, which I don’t really prefer (Is there any better word to describe it?). But still, it’s anywhere near bad.

Takumi Robata Jakarta Review

It’s time for dessert! I opted for this Red Bean Ice Cream which was very comforting. You can choose between Vanilla, Green Tea or Red Bean. So if you’re not into this one, I think Green Tea might be your best choice. But anyway, I found this one lacks of red bean chunks. It’s too smooth for my palate. But I do like the flavor.

Japanese Restaurant Jakarta
Red Bean Ice Cream

But what do you expect? For a IDR 135,000++ lunch set, this one’s definitely worth a repeat order!

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Takumi Robata Jakarta

Takumi Robata and Sushi Jakarta


Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch here at Takumi Robata & Sushi. Just wish that they have a wider choice for the lunch set 😉 LOL. Anyway, I think you’ll love this place too! 


Senayan National Golf Club
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX
Jakarta Pusat, 10270
Ph : (021) 93807642 / (021) 5710181
Opening hours : 11:30 – 15:00 (lunch) and 17:30 – 23:00 (dinner)

email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com


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