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“Happy birthday, Valerie!”

So this was actually my cousin’s birthday lunch. She decided to celebrate her veery special day at Pizza e Birra, Central Park Jakarta. She was actually thinking about another options like Kitchenette but then we ended up having our lunch here. It was a nice pick, really. Good job, cuz!

I’ve been to Pizza e Birra in Bandung before, but didn’t manage to take a good picture. So here we go!

This place is dominated with woods (which I really love), and they have this special “mascot” : A lady asking to be unwrapped. LOL. You’ll always find this lady in every Pizza e Birra chain you go. I’ve been to the one at Paris Van Java Bandung and they have the same thing.

Pizza e Birra

Before going here, I read a lot of reviews about what to order and what not order. And I noticed a lot of comments about the bad service here, but honestly (and maybe, lucky us), our waiter was VERY attentive and friendly. She explained every single menu we asked about without that oh-come-one-please-be-quick kind of face. Know what I mean? She was very helpful.

Pizza e Birra Jakarta

Pizza e Birra Jakarta

Pizza e Birra

Now let’s get straight to the food! We ordered plenty of foods since there were approx. 10 of us. But I didn’t manage to try all of ’em so I just post the one I tried.

First meal, appetizer!

El Diablo (Large – IDR 95k)

I’ve noticed that aside from pizza and beer, chicken wing is one of their signature dish here. This one tasted just okay (more like a meeeh :/ than an okay) to me. And it was slightly burnt and dry, as you can see yourself. Not a good start. It sort of turned my mood down.

Chicken Wing Pizza e Birra

Pizza Fries (IDR 43k)

Then we had this so called Pizza Fries. For me, fries could never go wrong. Even McDonald’s French Fries tasted soooo good for me. This fries over here was fried and baked to a crispy perfection with tomato sauce and topped with glorious mozarella cheese. That tomato sauce and cheese are the thing that make it tasted like pizza. I personally love this one (since it’s fries anyway). Yum!

Pizza e Birra Jakarta
Pizza Fries

Baldy’s Special Salad (IDR 52k)

Then I had this chef’s signature salad. There were lettuce, tomatoes, and turkey ham. I love the balsamic vinegar and the olive oil they pour over the salad. So refreshing! This would be my ‘go to’ food when I’m in a health-conscious mood.

Pizza e Birra Jakarta Menu

Naked Gun Pizza (Large – IDR 93k)

Next. Thin crust pizza with salami, boiled egg, beef sausage and mushroom. It was alright. I expect more than this though, since I thought pizza is their signature dish here.

Jakarta Food Blogger

Linguine with Chili and Fried Oxtail (IDR 91k)

Indonesian Food Blogger

Lamb Rump Steak (IDR 99k)

My cousin had this juicy Australian lamb with butter potatoes and lemon herb sauce. I personally love the mashed potato. It tasted very buttery. I love how it smelled. And the lamb was indeed tender, and juicy. Nice :9

Sharon Loh

John Dory Fish Special (IDR 77k)

This was John Dory Fish in Garlic Chili sauce served with fresh broccoli. Love love love the dory fish! Very soft and buttery. It will literally melt in your mouth. #die

Pizza e Birra Review

Pizza e Birra Bandung
Additional side dish : Mashed Potato (IDR 17k)

Smash’n Oreo Cheesecake (Large – IDR 62k)

As for the dessert, we had this warm thin pizza topped with cream cheese, oreo, and vanilla ice cream. My favorite! Ice cream, cream cheese, and oreo could never go wrong, anyway.

Pizza e Birra Jakarta

Mango and Peach Italian Soda (IDR 35k / each)

Pizza e Birra

Overall, our lunch was pleasant. There were some foods I adore, but the rest were just so-so. However, I really love the ambiance here. It’s just perfect for a family (or friend) gathering. Or any kind of gathering, really. So, what do you have for lunch this weekend? Hope you all have the best time!


Pizza e Birra
Telephone Number : +6221 319 280 70
Outlets :
Jakarta    : Plaza Indonesia, Setiabudi One, Gandaria City, Central Park, Puri Mall
Bandung : Paris Van Java

email :

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