Chung Gi Wa Korean BBQ, Bandung

It’s soooo good to finally have Korean food again! I feel like it’s been a long time since I had it at Bo Shin Myeong Ga, Jakarta several months ago. And I kinda missed it. This time, I decided to try another venue : Chung Gi Wa, in Bandung. I’ve heard so much about this place but haven’t got the chance to visit until last month. And you know what? They told me that they’re going to have open another branch probably next month (or next year?). I’m not sure.

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Bo Shin Myeong Ga Korean Restaurant, Jakarta

Not familiar with Korean food? Well, me too! Actually, I’m not familiar with anything Korean-related. Not even K-pop or K-drama or whatever. I’ve been looking at my friends’ picture on Instagram, and many of them uploaded pictures of them eating Korean food. I was like : “what does it taste like? spicy? salty?” I have no idea.

Fred took me to Bo Shin Myeong Ga just when my curiosity grows even stronger. It’s an authentic Korean restaurant in South Jakarta.

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