Bo Shin Myeong Ga Korean Restaurant, Jakarta

Not familiar with Korean food? Well, me too! Actually, I’m not familiar with anything Korean-related. Not even K-pop or K-drama or whatever. I’ve been looking at my friends’ picture on Instagram, and many of them uploaded pictures of them eating Korean food. I was like : “what does it taste like? spicy? salty?” I have no idea.

Fred took me to Bo Shin Myeong Ga just when my curiosity grows even stronger. It’s an authentic Korean restaurant in South Jakarta.

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The Cafe at The Mulia, Bali

You’ll never go hungry in Bali, that much is certain! There are a lot of foods offered from traditional Balinese foods just anywhere down the streets to an international fine dining at a hotel. This island of gods does has a huge range of choices from cafes, restaurant, street foods, bakeries, to local places to eat. That’s one of the reason I keep coming back to Bali. I just can’t refuse the foods and the hospitality it offers.

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