One Day Tour ke Leebong Island, Belitung. Seru Banget! (+ Daniel Wellington Discount Code)

Kalian pernah dengar tentang Leebong Island?

Jadi Leebong Island ini adalah private island di Belitung. Tadinya aku pikir kita cuma bisa kesana kalau nginep disana. Disana ada villa dan tenda untuk menginap – tapi harganya lumayan mahal bagiku, huhu. Eh, ternyata bisa loh day trip ke Leebong Island tanpa menginap! Trip nya dimulai jam 9 pagi naik perahu. Dan pulang lagi jam 17.00

Gimana cara ke Leebong Island, berapa harganya dan ngapain aja di sana? Yuk baca cerita aku!

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Mini Honeymoon in Bandung

Long before our wedding day, we’ve been planning for our short honeymoon trip to Australia before the real honeymoon (or should I say honey-year?) starts on 2018.

So the plan is, we’ll go to Darwin and do a road trip from there all the way to Sydney together with Adam & Susan. Then we’ll spend a couple of days in Sydney before we go back to Indonesia. Now we’re still waiting for our tourist visa application which hopefully will be issued next week.

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Staying at Sheraton Hotel, Bandung

It’s been two years since I left Bandung and I couldn’t be more than happy to be back! It was just a short 2 days vacation. And I had the pleasure to stay for 2 nights at Sheraton Bandung and experience all of their services including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a spa. 

After all of those months of baking and decorating cake, I found staying here was like a gift, more like a treat, really. I don’t have to do the dishes, I don’t have to deal with my customers. All I did was just relax and enjoy myself. 

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