Mini Honeymoon in Bandung

Long before our wedding day, we’ve been planning for our short honeymoon trip to Australia before the real honeymoon (or should I say honey-year?) starts on 2018.

So the plan is, we’ll go to Darwin and do a road trip from there all the way to Sydney together with Adam & Susan. Then we’ll spend a couple of days in Sydney before we go back to Indonesia. Now we’re still waiting for our tourist visa application which hopefully will be issued next week.

Then later after our first trip to Australia, we’re going to spend a year there with our WHV (Working Holiday Visa) and hopefully, we’ll be able to apply for a second-year visa as well! Oh, I really can’t wait!!!

Sharon Loh Blogger

I’ve been taking months off since before our wedding day, that means, no baking within these past 5 months, and probably it’ll continue until 2 years later. I feel so unproductive yet I feel like I’m really enjoying life right now. Maybe this is all I need before I’m ready to open a real cake shop the next 2 year.

Fred and his “new” 1972 Mercedes

So anyway, last month (April 2017), Fred bought an old Mercedes Benz (it’s 1972 … I think) as our wedding gift. He’s been busy restoring the car ever since. Then, earlier this month (May 2017), we did our mini honeymoon which we later call as “Honeymoon Jilid Satu” (or honeymoon part 1).

Mobil Antik Bandung Mercedes Benz Jadul

We went to Bandung with the old car, had some troubles along the way – which was very frustrating not only to Fred but also to me! But finally, he figured a way out. He found a small old workshop here in Bandung. People call it “Koh EngGin” place (Jalan Sentosa Asih II No.19 Bandung Selatan). He is awesome. 

Hilton Bandung Review

On our first night in Bandung, we stayed in Hilton Bandung hotel. It was a complimentary staycation and we were so glad we got to stay there for a night! I’ll write about it more on my blog! What I like the most about Hilton Bandung is the weekend (Friday & Saturday) buffet dinner. It’s IDR 288k++ / person and for that price, there are plenty of scrumptious meal you can get.

hilton bandung buffet dinner weekend
Pindah Iga my favorite
buffet all you can eat dinner hilton bandung price
Fresh seafood

We even had sea lobster and man it was gigantic.

all you can eat dinner hilton bandung
Thai sauce lobster at the buffet dinner. Amazing!

We stayed in King Deluxe room and did manage to do a little hotel tour, which includes a tour of other types of room!

hilton bandung lobby

hilton bandung view swimming pool
The view from our room

Later that night after the amazing dinner buffet at Hilton, we were supposed to move to another hotel (which happened to be a hostel) and we found our car wouldn’t start. What a nightmare! It was around 10 pm and we decided to leave the car at Hilton’s parking lot and take a cab from there.

We stayed at Gado Gadu Hostel which we booked through AirBnB but unfortunately it was not what we think it is. We ended up spending only one night there.

Gado Gadu Hostel Bandung
Having breakfast at Gado Gadu Hostel

We went to Lereng Anteng later that afternoon and spent quite some time there. We had Indomie Rebus with eggs, cireng, and of course, kopi tubruk. Fred’s life is complete with kopi tubruk. It’s his favorite kind of coffee aside from kopitiam styled coffee.

lereng anteng bandung

tempat hits bandung punclut view cantik

This place was far from what I thought it would be. It wascrowded but not very instagenic to be honest. The tent, I thought it’s going to be just covered in transparent plastic, but last time I went, they covered it with this black nets which to me, looks pretty ugly. 

But nevertheless, we had a great time! I even write this blog draft there, in Lereng Anteng.

lereng anteng punclut bandung
Enjoying the view

We also went to Rumah Guguk, one of the place I’ve been wanting to go for so long! It’s a pet shop with a little park where you can bring your pet (or watch other pet) swim or play together. You can also play with the dogs there if you want! I personally think the dogs there are all quite dirty, like the poodles, they have stain (which might be red yeast infection) all over their fur). So sad. But still, we are spoiled! ❤

rumah guguk bandung

rumah guguk bandung

We also went to Farm House Susu Lembang. What I like about this place is that the whole settings are not only great for taking photos, but also very calming! And you can rent a Dutch costume which you can while walking around and taking photos here for Rp 75.000 / hour. What a brilliant idea.

“Hobbiton” at Farm House Susu Lembang

farm house lembang review

farm house lembang review

farm house susu lembang

Farm house susu lembang
Farm House Susu Lembang

We spent 2 nights staying at our friend’s home, (Thanks, Ranie & Victor! We promise we didn’t do anything in your room :P), had a shabu-shabu dinner, and went eating out together. It was fun!

road trip pulau jawa
Morning Check

Now we are on our way to Yogyakarta, with the healed car and a strong desire to explore. I’ll write more updates later. And Aggy, see you soon! And get you dog, Echi, groomed because I’m going to hug her big times! ❤


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14 Komentar

  1. raniesem berkata:

    wkwkwk why.. :))))))

  2. Meidi berkata:

    Jangaann kamu jangan peluk-peluk Echi, aku ajaaa yg pelukin Echi *meidi Posesipp*
    aku mau bikinin amazing race buat kamu tadinya hih, tapi kalo tahun depan kita barengan di Sydney, aku bikinin aaahh ahahhahahaha

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Muahahahaha gak maooo pokoknya aku mau picek2 Echi!
      Ehhhhhh amazing race apaan dimanahhhhh, gmn cara kamu bikinnya buset! ni anak byk ide ngawur nya yah hahahahahaha

      Eitssss th dpn kamoh ke Sydney? Student visa? or??????

  3. indrijuwono berkata:

    congrat for your honeymoon! hope everything going well!!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hihihi thank you kak Indri! :*

  4. Lan berkata:

    Amazing Post, luv the pics, all of em’ are so beautiful! And you two are beautiful people, amazing.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you, Lan!! We tried hard to capture everything but later ended up leaving our camera in the bag 😅

      1. Lan berkata:

        Thats ok I am sure u gonna have more great photos in your coming adventures! You are doing great already!

  5. risti andjarsari utami berkata:

    wah saya terinspirasi setelah baca tulisan tentang bandung ini. terimakasih ya

  6. Anonim berkata:

    nice write up ! does help and i cant wait to visit bandung March 2018!

  7. sisi berkata:

    pake kamera apa kak?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Halo Sisi, info kamera yang aku pakai beserta lensanya, ada di tulisan ini :

      Semoga membantu! 🙂

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