How to Survive in China Without Knowing How to Speak Chinese

You are a Chinese Indonesian, aren’t you? Why can’t you speak Chinese? 

Well, when I was a kid, my mom used to forced me to have a Chinese lesson. I did actually. But I stopped without even mastering the language at the end. I used to hate learning to speak Chinese. I mean, it’s so hard to be pronounced, to be written, and to be read. Everything about it just seems so difficult to me… Who’s with me? Raise your hand!Lanjutkan membaca “How to Survive in China Without Knowing How to Speak Chinese”

Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta

It was not until the last 2 years that I finally stepped on one of the greatest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Yes, I went to Yogyakarta (or simply Yogya), which is one of the foremost cultural centers of Java, last 2 years with some friends. And for me, visiting Yogya would not be complete without going to the Borobudur temple. This temple is a main tourist attraction in Java Island, and it’s even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So here I am!Lanjutkan membaca “Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta”

Walking the Great Wall of China!

At the end of August 2012, my friend and I went to 北京 (Beijing), China for the first time. I was so excited since I’ve never actually been there before. I couldn’t imagine living in a city where most of the people can’t understand English. Even the receptionist in the hotel we stayed can only speak Chinese Mandarin. Here, language is such a trouble for me. I was like : “Hmm. I should take a Mandarin course as soon as I go back to Indonesia”Lanjutkan membaca “Walking the Great Wall of China!”