Walking the Great Wall of China!

The Great Wall of China

At the end of August 2012, my friend and I went to 北京 (Beijing), China for the first time. I was so excited since I’ve never actually been there before. I couldn’t imagine living in a city where most of the people can’t understand English. Even the receptionist in the hotel we stayed can only speak Chinese Mandarin. Here, language is such a trouble for me. I was like : “Hmm. I should take a Mandarin course as soon as I go back to Indonesia”

People said Autumn is the best season for visiting Beijing. But late summer here is also an enjoyable time. We spent two weeks on vacation in China. We visited 北京 (Beijing) and 廈門 (Xiamen).

Well, I bet everyone knows that the most favorite tourist attraction here in Beijing is the Great Wall of China. I mean, who came to China without taking a step in the Great Wall?

So here I am. Stepping my feet on the Great Wall of China..

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China

Isn’t it marvelous? Don’t forget to take your breath.

There are 4 most popular sections of The Great Wall : Mutianyu, Badaling, Simatai and Juyongguan. I visited the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall last two month during my visit to China.

I thought we should climb up the Wall, you know, using only 1 rope and…

BUT actually, there is a cable car ride that you can take to get up on the Wall, which is just great for those that might want to save their energy for a further exploration.

I had so much fun riding the cable car because the view from up there is soo great! You can take a look at the views of the Wall, the mountains, and the village of Mutianyu below. The views on the way up are…breathtaking.

Cable Car

I took a walk at 4 sections of the stair, and took a rest in 4 castle.

Great Wall of China
Me Walking the Great Wall of China
the great wall of china
the Great Wall of China

Once you have marveled at the fantastic views from the Great Wall, you can either walk back down the stairs, take a cable car ride, or take the toboggan (a slideway), which is the most interesting one.

I took a toboggan ride. This is definitely the best choice. If you’re not older than 65 y.o, you better take this ride.

Toboggan ride at Mutianyu section of Great Wall of China
Toboggan ride at the Great Wall of China

I’d lovee to come back someday… In autumn, perhaps? 😀

Oh one more thing, if you are a girl and you don’t wanna get yourself in trouble, like I do, pleaseeee don’t wear a dress, even a summer dress. Wear your short pants instead.

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7 Komentar

  1. Andy berkata:

    Hi, Sharon, These are great pictures! (Which reminds me… I should go through my India pictures and post some.) I log on to your blog on a regular basis. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spendinga significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

    I also found a great blog of Mutianyu travel tips, I’d love to share it here for future travelers. http://www.wildgreatwall.com/mutianyu-toboggan-ride

  2. i*Kan berkata:

    Nice! Waiting for autumn to visit! How much time would it take to go up by cable car and walk a few sections of the wall and toboggan down?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi, thank you!
      I didn’t count exactly how much time needed for that. But according to my experience, it’s around 2 hours or so. 🙂

      1. i*Kan berkata:

        Thanks 🙂

  3. kamu kesana agustus yaa,… thn yg sama tapi february aku datangnya ;D.. pas lagi hamil 1 bulan, dan aku ngidam pgn nginjakin kaki ke great wall ;D.. kesampaian juga… untung aja perut masih blm gede, jd masih bisa naik kereta gantung dan toboggannya ;p.. org hamil sbnrnya ga boleh ;p

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Nagih yaaaa naik toboggan. Aku pingin rasanya naik lagi ke atas demi langsung turun naik tobogan hahaha. #katrok

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