Mini Travel Guide : Bali, Indonesia


I know summer is coming to an end, real quick. People are starting to wear sweater and boots here. And although the sun still shines so bright in the morning,  the rain always seems to pour at noon.

And… before these precious memories of mine lost forgotten, I want to share a summary, I guess, of my favorite place, my favorite foods, and the activities I used to have last summer. This is just another informal mini travel guide about Bali which you can easily find in the internet. But mine is a lil bit personal. You know, I’m not a travel-expert. Not even closed to be one. I don’t get to explore every inches of Bali.  That’s obvious. I just happened to live there, enjoying the island the way I like.

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Jazz Market By The Sea, Bali

It was 17 August 2013, the Independence day of Indonesia, my beloved country. And it was also our last day staying in Bali since our summer holiday is ending really soon. I found this Jazz Market By The Sea thing from Twitter and decided to spend our day there.

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Jimbaran Seafood Dinner, Bali

Have you ever been to a place you love so much that you find yourself treasure every moment you spent there? Well, I do. I fall in love with Bali and all the things it has. I love the atmosphere, the beach, the foods, the sunset, the people, everything! I love how people live their lives here doing exciting activities. How families spend their time together. How people take their pets for a walk. How people interact with each other.

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Weekend Beach Market – Tandjung Sari, Bali

After spending like an hour of cycling in Sanur Beach, Bali, Fred & I accidentally found this beach market event in Tandjung Sari Hotel, Sanur, Bali. The atmosphere at the event was so lively pleasing! There are street lights, some traditional food carts, and the most important thing, live music!

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Bali 35th Kite Festival 2013

In 26-28 July 2013, there was this so called Bali 35th International Kite Festival being held along the eastern coast of Padang Galak, just a lil bit north of Sanur. There were hundreds of competitors from all over the island. Most of them fly their pride traditional kites, while the international teams fly their unique-shaped kites – although I didn’t see any international teams that day, but some locals got their uniquely shaped kites as well.

I was lucky enough to be able to stay in Bali when the festival is being held. It’s like… I’ve been waiting for a long time for such a festival.

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Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali

Traveling is all about adventure, wanderlust, and trying new things. I can’t believe I never snorkeled before. Well, I did scuba-dived once. But that was 4 years ago if I recalled. And I was accompanied with an instructor who always held my hand (or my oxygen tube) here and there under the water. It’s like you can’t even swim freely, you know. So, I’m not really into diving anyway. It’s troublesome, I can say. You’ve got to carry a huge oxygen tube with you. You’ve got to wear the suit, the fin, and well I don’t know… a diving mask?

So…. this summer I got a chance to try a new sport I never did before. Yes, snorkeling! Lanjutkan membaca “Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali”

In Search of a Good Breakfast – Luhtu’s Coffee Shop, Bali

If you know me well, you’ve probably known that breakfast time is the most important yet exciting time of the day for me. I always ate breakfast every day before I go to work, or to college. Even if I don’t have enough time, I’ll grab some biscuits and bring a cup of hot chocolate with me. It somehow has a control over my mood for all day long.

Since now we’re currently living in Bali, we usually go out for breakfast every weekend. The last time we had outside was in Bread Basket. (Turns out that’s our favorite breakfast/brunch venue). But last Saturday, we decided to try another place. It was Luhtu’s Coffee Shop we were looking for. See? There’s sooo many good reviews about this place in TripAdvisor.Lanjutkan membaca “In Search of a Good Breakfast – Luhtu’s Coffee Shop, Bali”

Bali – 1st Week

As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post, Fred & I are currently living in Bali for a pretty long time. The fact is, we’re gonna spend 2 months here doing our summer internship. Well, I know it sounds like we’re going to be at the office from 8 to 5 during our weekdays and there’s nothing fun about it. But still we can spend our weekends exploring Bali, right?

So, here are some highlights of what we did last week. We spent our first week mostly in Sanur and Kuta. And we’re planning to explore Ubud next week.Lanjutkan membaca “Bali – 1st Week”