Life After Marriage

Aku tau, pasti banyak yang penasaran sebenernya aku dan Fred ini kerjaannya ngapain sih? Kok perasaan honeymoon mulu. Kapan mau punya anak? Honeymoon Jilid Satu, Jilid Dua, terus mau honeymoon jilid tiga? 

“Banyak duit ya?”

Hihihi. Kalo kami emang banyak duit seperti yang kalian bayangkan, you will never see us again! 😛

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Playing Tourist at Farm House Susu Lembang, Bandung

This was one the place I’ve been wanting to go for so long. Udah lama banget aku pingin kesini karena ngeliat foto-foto teman-teman dan adik aku di Instagram. Dari foto, keliatan cantik banget tempatnya. Settingannya seperti di Eropa! (Walau aku belum pernah ke Eropa sebelumnya sih, jadi ngak tau pasti juga hehe).

Ohya, sebelum aku cerita lebih lanjut tentang Farm House, aku mau ngasih tau nih kalo aku lagi nyobain nulis blog pake Bahasa Indonesia. Aku tau beberapa orang kurang setuju karena nanti aku jadi ga bisa latihan bahasa inggris, kan toh sehari2 aku ngomong pake Bahasa Indonesia. Ya, bener sih. Aku juga ngerasa nulis itu bantu banget untuk latihan. Tapi….ya, kita coba aja yah dulu 😉

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One Month Before The Reception. And I Have a Mixed Feeling About This.

This is not my usual post on this blog. But, I gotta let this all out before I destroy my own wedding dress, seriously. I’m overwhelmed, and not in a good way. Well, actually I can’t destroy it. I rent it so they won’t give my deposit back if I do so. Oh, money… why are you so wasted.

And yes friends, we are having a reception by the end of March. Although both of us strongly refused to have one, for one reason and another, we still can’t completely avoid it. It’s a long story.

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A Trip To Cameron Highland

We just got back from our trip to Singapore & Malaysia. Well, it’s actually been one month since our return. But as soon as we got home, I have been busy baking and decorating cakes. And Fred has been busy with his new project. So yes, January is a pretty crazy month. And now I’m glad that I’ll be able to take two months off from February to March to prepare our wedding. (I actually don’t know what else to prepare, but I just found it a good reason to take two months off, lol. It’s an acceptable reason for most people). That means I have more time to read books, update my blog, and cook some awesome dishes!

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Away From Internet and Merry Christmas!

One of the things that I enjoy the most about traveling is the feeling of being away from people. And that includes people from social media. *introvert detected* Seriously, noisy and kepo people really drains me out.

It’s crazy how my mind is focused more on Instagram and seeing other people’s life rather than enjoying my own. It’s weird that I talk to my “online” friends more that I talk to my family, who I meet every day at home. And the even weirder thing is that I enjoy all that. But at the same time, I don’t feel that it’s right either. It feels good but it’s not right.

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