Jalan-Jalan di George Town, Penang : Kemana Aja?

Halo, Penang!

Tau nggak, kalau di lingkunganku, Penang itu terkenal sebagai tempat untuk medical checkup / berobat dan tempat untuk kulineran. Kalau di lingkungan kalian gimana? Sama kah?

Tapi sebenarnya, banyak sih yang bisa dilakukan di Penang selain itu. Ini pengalaman aku from my last two visits to Penang.

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In Love With Georgetown

Georgetown. One of the highlights of our last Singapore-Malaysia trip. The moment we got there, we knew that we’ll love it there, right away.

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A Trip To Cameron Highland

We just got back from our trip to Singapore & Malaysia. Well, it’s actually been one month since our return. But as soon as we got home, I have been busy baking and decorating cakes. And Fred has been busy with his new project. So yes, January is a pretty crazy month. And now I’m glad that I’ll be able to take two months off from February to March to prepare our wedding. (I actually don’t know what else to prepare, but I just found it a good reason to take two months off, lol. It’s an acceptable reason for most people). That means I have more time to read books, update my blog, and cook some awesome dishes!

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