Jimbaran Seafood

Jimbaran Seafood Dinner, Bali

Have you ever been to a place you love so much that you find yourself treasure every moment you spent there? Well, I do. I fall in love with Bali and all the things it has. I love the atmosphere, the beach, the foods, the sunset, the people, everything! I love how people live their lives here doing exciting activities. How families spend their time together. How people take their pets for a walk. How people interact with each other.

Sunset Bali

My favorite time of the day is morning, when it is breakfast time already. But when it comes to beach, seafood, sunset, dinner and coconut water. I’m in!

The most popular spot for such dinner in Bali is in Jimbaran area, where various seafood restaurants lining up at the seashore. You just need to simply chose one.

One of the most popular restaurant was Menega Cafe. But this time, we went to Kampoeng Seafood from a friend’s recommendation.

We arrived at 5 and the heat was terrible, I swear. But it fade away so quickly. As we arrived earlier, we spent our time talking to each other while waiting for our foods. And I also read my book I just bought while enjoying the breeze and the sun. While my little cousin can’t stop playing with the sand.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Jimbaran Beach

Dinner Jimbaran Bali
My lovely aunt & uncle
Jimbaran Bali
My Kindest Grandma
Dinner Jimbaran Bali
My cousin enjoys his virgin mojito so much
Dinner Jimbaran Bali
My Sister
Dinner Jimbaran Bali
You know who he is

Our foods came out just right before the sun set. We had grilled fish, fried fish, some spicy oysters, vegetables, calamary, grilled king and prawn. And the most important thing…. fresh coconut water!

Jimbaran Seafood

Jimbaran Dinner

The food was great, but the people I came with was even greater. My grandma & my aunt’s family come visit me at their 4-days holiday last weekend. It was kind of a short visit, but still it was a sweet one. We spent most of the time playing at the beach and eating. My two cousins enjoy their short visit so much! It was actually their first time visiting Bali.

And this one was the last dinner they had in Bali, before returning home to Jakarta. I’m sure it’s quite memorable for them as it is for me.

Jimbaran SunsetJimbaran SunsetSunset JimbaranThe view is just so breathtaking, isn’t it?

Hey, why don’t you come take a look at my previous visit to Jimbaran as well? It was summer 2011 and the feeling was exactly the same as I feel right now.

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6 thoughts on “Jimbaran Seafood Dinner, Bali

  1. Dear Sharon,
    I’ve been planning my fist Bali trip these last couple of days and I want to thank you for inspiring me! Jimbaran is definitely on my list now!
    Keep blogging, I love reading your posts.


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