Bali 35th Kite Festival 2013

Bali Traditional Kite

In 26-28 July 2013, there was this so called Bali 35th International Kite Festival being held along the eastern coast of Padang Galak, just a lil bit north of Sanur. There were hundreds of competitors from all over the island. Most of them fly their pride traditional kites, while the international teams fly their unique-shaped kites – although I didn’t see any international teams that day, but some locals got their uniquely shaped kites as well.

I was lucky enough to be able to stay in Bali when the festival is being held. It’s like… I’ve been waiting for a long time for such a festival.

As long as I know (from the festival committee’s speech), Bali’s traditional kite is divided into 3 category. The first one is Fish-Shaped (Bebean), and then Bird-Shaped (Janggan) and Leaf-Shaped (Pecukan). The kite is indeed huge! The biggest one is Fish-Shaped kite (Burden). It actually requires a team of ten or more adults and a big truck for delivering the kites to the festival arena. Leaf-Shaped kite (Pecukan) is the hardest one to fly and it needs more skill of the teams since it relatively unstable.

Anyway, the festival itself is intended to send a message to the gods of Balinese’s. They believe, by holding that festival, the gods will provide abundant amount of harvest.

Bali Kite
Fish-Shaped Kite (Bebean)
Bali Traditional Kite
Bird-Shaped Kite (Janggan)
Leaf-Shaped Kite (Pecukan)
Bali Traditional Kite
Leaf-Shaped Kite (Pecukan)
Bali Traditional Kite
The Head of Fish-Shaped Kite (Janggan)

The colors of the traditional kites are between red, white, or black.

Besides the traditional kites, there are also some teams which made up the modern kites. I only spotted 2 modern kites that day : frog kite and i-dont-know-what-kite kite.

Frog Kite at Bali Kite Festival
Frog Kite
Bali Strange Kite
i-dont-know-what-kite kite

Too bad I didn’t watch this 2 strangely shaped kite fly. Would be exciting!

Anyway, Padang Galak field itself (the location where the festival was held) is just right next to the beach. So, the wind is quite strong actually. And the view is indeed lovely.

Padang Galak Beach

Fredric Sanjaya at Padang Galak Beach Bali Ornament

I had a lot of fun there! Even if the festival is not as merry and glorious as I expected. But it’s really nice to know how the famous Bali Kite Festival is going. Well, I also saw some foreigners having fun there. I’m pretty sure they feel the same way as I do. I really wish that Bali Kite Festival will get even better each year!

Some photos courtesy of Fredric, my beloved travelling partner

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13 Komentar

  1. doodyrichards berkata:

    Wow thanks for sharing. Janggan is my favourite 🙂 so much beautiful colours and details for a kite. Wish I were there 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      And thanks for reading! Yes, I also like Janggan better than the other. Wish you could make it next year! 😀

      1. doodyrichards berkata:

        What month is it held? Is it annual festival?

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          Yes it is. It’s usually held between July – August each year. Unfortunately, there’s no specific date determined yet for the next festival.

  2. afaizn berkata:

    Gw suka main layang-layang, tapi diadu :))

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha gw bahkan ga bisa naikin layangan.

  3. traveljody berkata:

    It looks like it was great fun! I have not had a kite since I was a little girl, maybe I should buy a new one?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      It was! Although the kites are not as fancy as I expected :p
      Wow lucky you. I never had a kite ever since and I can’t even fly one. Should try later 😉

  4. chris13jkt berkata:

    You were so lucky to be able in a place at a perfect time to see such a festival

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      I thought so! Haha. Wish I could see a lot more festivals 😀

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Cool blog and great pictures! Btw, I was in Bali as well, but obviously missed it because I’ve been busy dive with my brothers. Cheers!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Firsta! Thank you! I cant believe you stop by. You got a waaaaay better blog than mine. Well, the festival itself is not as splendid as I thought, though.

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