Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali

Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Bali

Traveling is all about adventure, wanderlust, and trying new things. I can’t believe I never snorkeled before. Well, I did scuba-dived once. But that was 4 years ago if I recalled. And I was accompanied with an instructor who always held my hand (or my oxygen tube) here and there under the water. It’s like you can’t even swim freely, you know. So, I’m not really into diving anyway. It’s troublesome, I can say. You’ve got to carry a huge oxygen tube with you. You’ve got to wear the suit, the fin, and well I don’t know… a diving mask?

So…. this summer I got a chance to try a new sport I never did before. Yes, snorkeling! I’ve alwayssss wanted to try it from a looong time ago. It’s like much easier and much much fun than diving, I imagined. Turns out, I pretty much enjoy it. Even if Fred hate it so much. He thought he’s gonna puke looking at those living fishes and living corals. They are disgusting, he said. But anyway, there are 2 things that somehow bother me actually. First, and the most important thing is, breathing with my mouth for a considerable amount of time is quite uncomfortable. Not to mention that I consumed some amount of salt water several times by it. And secondly, the fact that I should normally wear my prescription glasses under the snorkeling gear is also quite disturbing. But I decided not to wear it anyway. I can still see the fishes clearly however.

Our first snorkeling spot was in Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali. Believe me, the color of the ocean was as blue as the picture I share. The view from up there is beautiful….. and breathtaking that I didn’t wanna go home.

Blue Lagoon Beach, BaliSnorkeling at Blue Lagoon BaliBloo Lagoon Beach Bali

We rent a snorkeling mask (I don’t know how to call this thing) for 15.000 Rupiah and a pair of fins for 15.000 Rupiah. (Both for around US$3)

Well, I didn’t wear a life vest at first. Until I reach the snorkeling spot – the one which is quite far from the shore, and then I realize I couldn’t even reach the ground with my feet standing. I mean, I felt like I’m gonna drown and that’s impossible I’m gonna float in this damn salt water. But somehow later I found that that floating in salt water is incredibly easy. Well, that was just the time I went panic. I couldn’t even breath normally, and I keep drinking the salt water, so then I swam all the way back to the shore and rent a life vest for 20.000 Rupiah (around US$ 2). I know I shouldn’t have act like a whiz because I’m not. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I WENT SNORKELING FOR GOD’S SAKE. I should’ve rent a life vest in the first time. It’s not as easy as it seems when you got your panic attack.

But anyway, the next one hour, I was able to swim without my life vest. And without the fins too. The cheap fins slowed you down, really.

I personally enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the blue sea. And I’m looking forward for another one in another place! (Although Fred doesn’t).


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  1. Sounds like you had a good time on your first snorkel! I’m a diver myself and even after 20+ dives I still get nervous every time I have to do a dive entry, so it’s normal to feel a little nervous in the water, especially if you are not used to it! The underwater world is worth it, it’s incredible!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi! Yes, I did have such a good time, one of the best I guess.

      Wow, so you’re a diver? That must be great! 20+ dives must have made you an experienced diver I suppose 😉
      Anyway, thank you! I’ll try not to panic easily the next time I snorkel. Can’t wait to be at the ocean again!

      1. Hi Sharon! Yes I dive occasionally. It does take a bit of time and patience to get over the panic! But diving with amazing creatures like blue gropers and even fur seals makes it all worth it! I’ll be posting up a video of a recent dive with fur seals (so adorable!) soon, so if you like, check back to my blog to see it, or even better, follow it to stay in touch. Safe travels!

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          Sure! I’d loveee to watch your video. Must be sooo strange yet exciting for me to see the underwater world. You too, safe travels and have fun! 😀

  2. johanesjonaz berkata:

    it good view isn’t it?
    YOu should try Wakatobi, Karimunjawa, and Togian

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hey thanks!
      Yes, I’ve been waiting to go to Wakatobi and Karimunjawa. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance. Anyway, I’ve never heard about Togian.
      Sounds like an interesting place!

      1. johanesjonaz berkata:

        I promise you gonna love those place!

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          It looks like you had such a great time in those place. I can’t wait for my turn! 🙂

  3. windapontoh berkata:

    Hi, Sharon 🙂
    For first thank you for liking one post of my blog.

    Well, about this writing, I love the pics. Serious!
    And you know, the first time I went to snorkeling in Togean Islands, I had a life vest, too.
    I got myself so was really panic.

    But after all, once you come into the water, everything looks so ah-mazing 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Winda! No problem, I love your post about Togean Islands. I just heard that Togean Island is a great place for snorkeling and then I found your post. It happened just like that 😉

      Thanks! Blue Lagoon is a nice place, really!

      Haha you too? I thought I was the only who got panic so easily. Because you know, even a western boy aged 14 let’s say, didn’t wear any life vest at Blue Lagoon Beach. So I thought wearing those weird orange suit is weird :p

      1. windapontoh berkata:

        In that time I was the only one who wanted to use life vest 😆 😆
        I actually used the life vest not just because I always get panic easily but I can’t swim (oh for god sake, why did I write this? haha 😆 )

        Yeah, it is. If you now become a snorkeling addict, better to try Togean 😀
        I wish my post about it is clear enough for you to understand.

  4. traveljody berkata:

    Snorkeling is wonderful! Especially once you do it lots and you get more comfortable in the water. Fins take a while to get used to, but they are great for covering a lot of distance. I spend HOURS in the water when on holiday either diving or snorkeling, you will soon feel happy in the sea with the fish!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Jody!
      Hey, sounds like you are a snorkeling addict 😀 Wow… I can’t even stand an hour in the water, you know. It’s like… I kept swimming back to the shore and then go back to the water, and the swim all the way back to the shore, just like that. I guess I need more practice! Haha. Can’t wait for my next snorkeling trip!

  5. Brianmcquillan berkata:

    Thanks for sharing for this article .awesome posting, It looks like the most ideal setting for learning how to glide, great photos! The information is really awesome

  6. meticulousmick berkata:

    Great photos, love the one of you and Fred, you look a great couple. Realy like your style and attitude to life. MM 👍

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thanks! Haha that one. I haven’t even brush my hair. You know, it’s like… the messiest of every messy hair. ha.
      Thanks for reading my blog, anyway! And for the follow 😀

  7. aileepetrovic berkata:

    Hi! I just found your blog when searching for snorkeling in Blue Lagoon. Where did you rent your equipment? We can’t seem to find a company, but my husband and I really only want to rent the gear and go swimming on our own. Did you just find it on the beach, or did you rent it through a company? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi! Glad that you find my blog. Well, there are some people renting equipment s just right at the shore. So it’s pretty easy to find 🙂 Have fun!

  8. Vika berkata:

    Hi Sharon, I’m interested with your snorkeling experience in Bloo Lagoon –I think that’s how it spelled :p I think I might try it as well. Did you go there from Kuta? Can you give estimation on how long it took to drive from Kuta to Bloo Lagoon. Thanks 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Vika! Nice to hear that you’re interested to snorkel in Bloo Lagoon as well 😀
      Yes, I went there from Kuta by car. And it tooks around 2 hours of driving I guess. The street is pretty straight forward though. Don’t worry, you’ll get there easily 😉

  9. talker blogger berkata:

    I so gotta go to Bali

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Tell me once the plan is set! 😉

      1. talker blogger berkata:

        I will !! Kids are too small so it will be a few years but we are going there for sure !!!!!!

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          Ah they must be adoooorable! Oh by the way, I know a blogger who travels occasionally with kids. You might wanna check her site out 😉 It’s

          1. talker blogger berkata:

            Hey thanks !! I will look it up ! I have travelled to London with my older son (only one then ). It was a great trip
            ! And now we want to visit Italy and a few
            Close by countries …

            1. Sharon Loh berkata:

              London sounds like a great place! And Italy!!! Oh my God, I’m dying to go there. Hope I will travel to the Europe somehow. I’m learning German now, just in case I’ll have my master degree there 😉

              1. talker blogger berkata:

                Europe is beautiful and relaxed ! German .. Wow ! It’s a great place to see 🙂

  10. Cindy berkata:

    Hi Sharon! I really enjoyed your blog=)

    Im planning to visit to visit bali with two of my gfs this coming may! is blue Lagoon near to Kuta? I’m currently planning an itinerary now. And tbh, I’m kind of overwhelmed by the info available online now. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!=))

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Cindy! Glad that you found my blog 😀

      Wow sounds fun! I miss Bali.
      No it’s not that near. It’s around 1 – 2 hours drive. But the street is pretty straight forward so it’s quite easy I think.

  11. Estelle Kiora berkata:

    Wow it looks beautiful! I’m planning for a Bali trip and your pictures caught my attention 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Sounds great! Bali is my fav island in Indonesia. Make sure to visit this place then while you’re in Bali! 🙂

  12. baliadventure89 berkata:

    just for information : Bali trekking organizer who organize Trekking Tours, jungle adventure, hiking, mountain treks in Bali : thank you very much…

  13. Kim berkata:

    hey, just found your blog, but one question i have is, are the snorkel rentals hygienic? how do you know if they have actually been cleaned etc? thanks 🙂

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