Hilton Bandung (Staycation + Buffet Dinner)

It’s been 3 years since I had my first staycation at Hilton Bandung together with my #BandungFoodies friends. I remembered how excited I was when we all gathered in the lobby before the staycation begins LOL. This year, I had another staycation with Fred, who’s now my husband.

So here’s the story.

It was late at night, around 10 pm, when we arrived in Bandung. We were quite tired due to the crazy traffic in Jakarta and Bekasi area, and we haven’t had any dinner before. We went searching for some good food around Hilton area and thought fried rice would be just great. 

So we went to Nasi Goreng Cek Acong at Jalan Pandu to grab one. It was still as good as I remember. Sweet, a bit oily, with big chunk of pork belly. 

hilton bandung price
The Lobby

We then went to the hotel, at around 11 pm, and do the late night check in. It went smoothly and we rushed to our room right after.

hilton bandung room

Our Room

We stayed at the Deluxe room, the smallest one in Hilton I guess, but still, it is very spacious for just the two of us!

hilton bandung review

hilton bandung room review
We got this! Those were real rose petals.

Our room has this big window facing the pool view. It is also equipped with a working desk, a tv, sofa, cupboard (complete with an iron and an iron table) and a big bathroom.

bandung pool

pengalaman di hilton bandung

hilton bandung staycation

Staying here was such a bliss, especially after you had a crazy traffic on your way to Bandung. I didn’t wanna wake up.

stay at hilton bandung


We didn’t make it to get ready earlier the next day. We went to Purnawarman Restaurant at around 9.30 and thank God we could still have some breakfast! We grabbed everything we want before 10, and spent around an hour eating and you know, just doing nothing at the restaurant. 

breakfast at hilton bandung
Purnawarman Restaurant
staying at hilton bandung
What to choose? Hmm…
breakfast at hilton bandung
Cheese and crackers

stay at hilton bandung

Right after breakfast, we spent some time in our room, just relaxing.

Buffet Dinner
(All You Can Eat, Rp 288++ / person)

We had one of the best buffet dinner that night. Buffet dinner in Hilton is available on weekend only (Friday and Saturday night). Price is at Rp 288++ / person.

We had sushi, skewers, some beef, chicken, and even lobster. It was cooked with Thai Sauce and we really like it.

romantic dinner bandung
Thai Sauce Lobster

buffet dinner bandung

sushi bandung
Salmon Sashimi

Seafood were all really fresh. I really like their salmon sashimi and their fresh scallops.

We also got taste their Pindang Iga Asam Pedas, which is the signature dish of Hilton Bandung. This dish is not included in the buffet dinner menu, but you can order it at Purnawarman Restaurant or Fresco.

hilton bandung food
Pindang Iga Asam Pedas
bandung all you can eat

buffet dinner hilton bandung

all you can eat bandung

all you can eat dinner bandung

all you can eat bandung
Chef Ragil and his awesome bread creation

Then we also get to try Chef Ragil’s newest creation. It’s charcoal bread with cream cheese and chocolate inside. I don’t how we make it, but the bread is crispy outside but ridiculously soft inside. We even brought this one home, lol.

best bread bandung
Charcoal Bread With Creamcheese and Chocolate

The warmed the bread up before serving so that we get to taste the melted cream cheese and chocolate. So good!

best bakery bandung

This was no doubt one of the best night we had during this honeymoon. We would like to thank Hilton Bandung for sponsoring this awesome staycation. We had a wonderful, relaxing stay. Couldn’t ask for more. 


Hilton Hotel Bandung
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 41-43
Bandung, West Java 40171, Indonesia
022 – 8606 6888
Instagram : @hiltonbandung

Friday & Saturday Night Buffet Dinner @ Purnawarman Restaurant
IDR 288k ++ / pax


Sharon Loh
Facebook  |  Twitter  | Instagram
Email: lohh.sharon@gmail.com


4 Komentar

  1. dixiezetha berkata:

    Those seafood though! I stayed at Hilton Bandung once but I don’t remember it looking this gorgeous haha

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Aku ga bisa berenti ngambilin salmon sashimi & scallop nya! Huhuhu seger banget. Hihihi thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

  2. showcasemu berkata:

    wow it’s a awesome hotel 🙂 i will stay overnight at hotel hilton bandung 😀

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