Short Trip to Jogja x Daniel Wellington Big Discount

Quick update on my latest trip to Jogja!

Jadi ceritanya kemarin aku ikut trip ke Jogja bareng temen-temen influencer lainnya. Ada @flyingeisha, @annisamalati, dan @patrishiela (Thanks Pat udah ngajakin!). Ternyata mereka semuanya berpengalaman sebagai host TV untuk program traveling! Selama 4 hari 3 malam, kami diajak jalan-jalan keliling Jogja bersama Pesona Indonesia. Senangnya 😍

Kemana aja selama trip? Baca terus yuk! Mana tau bisa jadi inspirasi kalian kalo mau main ke Yogyakarta.

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Classic Petite : Daniel Wellington’s New Watch Collection (with Discount Code For You)

The wait is over, Daniel Wellington just released its new product this month. And now I’m in love with it. Welcoming Classic Petite to the collection! 

The new classic design looks completely different with their other products. It got the contemporary look with the new mesh strap! It’s 32mm in diameter which I think suits my wrist really well! It doesn’t look bulky and it doesn’t look too small. This will be my new best friend from now on. In fact, I’ve been wearing it almost every day right now.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea x Daniel Wellington

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! How will you celebrate it? Some might go out for a fancy dinner, some might opt for a humble dinner at home. Some might go out for a movie, and some might even have no one to celebrate with. #oops

I think this year I’ll just cook some meal and watch a movie or two afterwards, just like many many other years. After all, it’s not about the fancy restaurant, right?

Oh, if you’re looking for a gift for your loved one, you might wanna consider this timeless piece from Daniel Wellington. Just make sure that that someone is very.. very… special as this watch is.

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