daniel wellington 2017 discount code

Classic Petite : Daniel Wellington’s New Watch Collection (with Discount Code For You)

The wait is over, Daniel Wellington just released its new product this month. And now I’m in love with it. Welcoming Classic Petite to the collection! 

The new classic design looks completely different with their other products. It got the contemporary look with the new mesh strap! It’s 32mm in diameter which I think suits my wrist really well! It doesn’t look bulky and it doesn’t look too small. This will be my new best friend from now on. In fact, I’ve been wearing it almost every day right now.

daniel wellington new 2017 box

daniel wellington box 2017

daniel wellington 2017 discount code

I picked the one in rose gold, but if you like a more traditional look, they do have silver as well. And the dial (the circle thing) is available in white and black. I think rose gold and black looks good, but black isn’t really my color. So I picked white! 🙂 

What’s really different with the other design is the strap. This new Classic Petite watch comes with a mesh strap which is surprisingly very lightweight (although it’s made from stainless steel!) and it doesn’t feel itchy or heavy on my skin and it sits there comfortably. You can adjust the length easily. 


Since I’ve never used a watch with mesh strap before, I was kinda confused at first. Then Fred helped me out and now I’m a master of securing my own mesh strap lol. I’ll show you how.

daniel wellington discount code 2017

daniel wellington 2017 discount code

how to use daniel wellington new 2017 classic petite
Final click
daniel wellington new watch 2017
And… it’s now secured.

It’s pretty easy, right?


If you’re planning to get your new watch within these months, you can use my discount code “sharontravelogue” to get 15% off their retail price. You can only use the discount code when you’re purchasing from their official website www.danielwellington.com.

The code applies to any product you pick. Here’s how to use the discount code.

Daniel Wellington Discount Code 2017

Daniel Wellington Discount Code 2017
Discount Code : sharontravelogue
Daniel Wellington Discount Code 2017
And there you have it!

And yes, they do ship worldwide. And it’s FREE OF CHARGE! Just simply pick your favorite piece from their official site and it’ll be on your door before you know it, lol. 

daniel wellington new collection

Oh, I can’t wait to wear this with an evening gown! It should match perfectly. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I’m thinking about writing more post about Style & Living. I’m currently changing my living habits to a healthier lifestyle. And I think it’ll be interesting to read especially for you who has the same concern. I’ve been trying to live healthier and environmentally friendlier. It was not easy but actually, it’s not that hard!

Yeah, maybe I should better write about my current habit. Just wait for it!


Sharon Loh
Instagram : @sharonlohh
My other blog: www.fredricsharon.com


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