Madame Sari, a local traditional Restaurant in Bandung Indonesia


Speaking of culinary, most people here in Indonesia know that Bandung is one of the favorite city in West Java where you can hang out, shop, and have a good food with a reasonable price. A friend of mine has been asking her friends, who have been living in Bandung for years, about the favorite local restaurant where they usually have a nice lunch or dinner with their family. A place where you can sit for a long time and have a nice long chat without even being disturbed. Turned out that Madame Sari restaurant is one of the places they suggested.

Curiosity has taken us to this place. It is indeed cozy and has a good atmosphere. It’s located in the same building with Kartika Sari pastry shop in the center of shopping area in Bandung. Quite recommended.

Madame Sari Dago

Madame Sari Dago

Madame Sari offer you many kinds of Indonesia food, Chinese food, and even European food.

I ordered a cup of cold guava juice & my friend got herself an ice Thai Tea. It tasted just like another Thai tea & guava juice. Pretty standard.


And this is what I love about this place.

Since I’m a fan of Chinese food, I ordered myself a plate of warm Kwetiau Goreng with seafood! It’s indeed tasty, but not as good as the kwetiau I ate in Kopi Scooter. But still a nice one, though.


My friend got herself a complete Nasi Timbel. It’s one of the famous Sundanese dish consisting of hot steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf, grilled chicken, jambal roti (salted fish), tahu goreng (deep-fried tofu), tempe goreng (deep-fried fermented soybean), sayur asam, lalap (the vegetables), and sambal. I loveeee the sambal (aka chilli sauce). It’s bitingly hot and smells really good.

What’s unique about this food is, the heat from the hot steamed rice along with the banana leaf will produce a unique aroma. An aroma you won’t find in an ordinary steamed rice.

Does this food sound so strange to you? But i bet if you are an Indonesian, you must be so familiar with this food. It’s definitely a must try local food. So make sure you have yourself a Nasi Timbel when you visit Java, Indonesia.

Madame Sari Bandung

And this is the Sayur Asam soup. You can call it Indonesian Tom Yam as it’s pretty similar but it has a completely different taste. It has a sour & sweet taste that most women in Indonesia will love.

Madame Sari Bandung

You should try!

Kwetiau Goreng    IDR 27500
Nasi Timbel       IDR 32.500
Guava Juice       IDR 17.000
Iced Thai Tea     IDR 17.000

Operational Hour
08.00 – 21.00

Jalan Dago No. 85 Lebak Gede Coblong Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
Phone number : (022) 2509495


3 Komentar

  1. dyudo berkata:

    nice review.
    Personally I like the ambience of this spot, especially after walking along Dago on Sunday morning CFD.
    And foods, … ah…you should try the Sapo Tahu seafood. “The best sapo in town” my wife said.

    Bon appetite!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi there, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Hahaha really? I should try then. Let’s see how ‘the best sapo in town’ tastes like. It must be sooooo tempting. Thanks for your recommendation, anyway! 😀

  2. bali tour berkata:

    Look amazing 🙂
    i would like to try it 😀

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