The Cafe at The Mulia, Bali

You’ll never go hungry in Bali, that much is certain! There are a lot of foods offered from traditional Balinese foods just anywhere down the streets to an international fine dining at a hotel. This island of gods does has a huge range of choices from cafes, restaurant, street foods, bakeries, to local places to eat. That’s one of the reason I keep coming back to Bali. I just can’t refuse the foods and the hospitality it offers.

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Warung Bho Bho Thai – Tasty Thai Food in Bali

I am a big fan of Thai food. Enough said.

Yeah, when I was a little kid, my mom used to cook Tom Yum Goong soup a lot, since she’s a big fan of Thai food herself. Well, I can say that she’s the one who introduce me to the Thai Food world. In 2011, I had a pleasure to spend my summer in Pattaya Thailand, tasting a variety amount of Thai Food. Believe me, there are so many food stalls serve up cheap and savory foods in Thailand. Yes. Cheap! But here in Indonesia, it’s kinda hard to find a restaurant which serve great Thai food with affordable price. I once went to a restaurant in Jakarta but it was over priced. And the food not even worth the price.

Luckily, I was invited to had a nice dinner at Warung Bho Bho Thai, Kuta, Bali last Saturday.

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