Where To Eat in Bandung (Part 2)

Bubur Gibbas Bandung

“Where To Eat in Bandung” blog post is back! I know.. I know.. It’s been quite a while. Blame it on my inconsistency on making plan.

For those who don’t know what “Where To Eat in Bandung” is all about, well, it’s pretty much a compilation post about some of my favorite places to eat in Bandung. The post itself will mostly describes about what I like and what I don’t really like about the restaurant – if there’s any. And please note that this opinion of mine is very subjective. It really depends on my mood that day, and the service that day. You know, it all can just change anytime.

Okay! So, long story short, lately, I’ve been spending quite sometime exploring more street foods than I’ve ever done here in Bandung. And as I promised on my previous post (Where To Eat in Bandung Part 1) that I’ll write more about local food, here I present to you “Where To Eat in Bandung Part 2“. And this particular part will features 5 favorite street foods of mine, sorted on alphabetical order.

Why street food?

As a tourist, eating out at Braga Permai, The Valley, or Tizi sounds like a good deal. They have great ambiance, great food, and on top of that, they are legendary. Surely they have a high rating as well in Trip Advisor.

But, once you step your feet on the street and ready to explore, where do you start? Personally, I’ll start with the street food. Food carts and stands on the street side, or at the small alley have always been something interesting for me.

It might be scary sometimes, considering the hygiene and the blablabla, but it’s actually kinda safe it you hit the right place! Like these ones I’m listing here.

1. Bubur Gibas

Bubur Gibbas BandungBubur Gibbas Bandung

There’s only 2 kind of food people cherish : the good one and the instagram-able one. This one is definitely the good one! I mean, look at that. It looks yucks but this one is my current favorite chicken porridge right now. The chicken porridge comes in a big portion with LOTS of toppings to choose. I had mine with shredded chicken, eggs, and liver. And I was stunned at how enormous the toppings were.

Price range : IDR 12k – IDR 16k, depending on the toppings you choose.
Operational hours : 4pm til drop.
Address : Jalan Kebonjati

2. Kuotie Rama (Non Halal)

Kuotie Rama

When I heard people bragging about this place, my curiosity grows. I mean, what could be so special about Kuotie?
For those who don’t know what kuotie is, it’s basically a Indonesian – Chinese dumpling with minced meat as a filling. And… it’s very garlicky in flavor. Best eaten without any condiment. But, if you like something spicy, you might want to eat it with chili-garlic sauce.

Price range : IDR 30k – IDR 50k
Operational hours : everyday from 10 am till 10 pm (closed on Wednesday)
Address : Jalan Wibisana No. 16

3. Nasi Goreng Cek Acong (Non Halal)

Nasi Goreng Pandu Bandung

Pork fried rice has never been this good. I thought it’s going to be very greasy since, hey, it’s Nasi Goreng (fried rice) after all and most Nasi Goreng here use a lot of oil to cook, plus the fact that it use samcan (a Chinese-styled pork belly dish) which again, contains fat. But this one is not greasy and oily at all! Unlike any other Nasi Goreng, this one tasted sweet.

Price range : IDR 18K -IDR 26K
Operational hours : 5pm til drop
Address : Jalan Pandu

4. Ronde Jahe Alkateri

Ronde Jahe AlkateriRonde Jahe Alkateri

Nothing beats a warm bowl of Ronde Jahe on a chilly night. Ronde Jahe is ginger soup with glutinous rice balls. Here, you can choose to add either brown or white sugar to the soup. I always opted for the brown one since it somehow smells better.

Price : IDR 15k
Operational hours : 6pm til drop
Address : Jalan Cibadak

5. Sate DJ

Sate DJ BandungSate DJ Bandung

Don’t expect satay with peanut sauce or padang sauce. This particular one is served dry. Like, literally. It’s either chicken or lamb, and it is grilled until super super dry. But you know what makes it so special? It’s because all the spices seep into the meat. So when you eat it, it’s already full of flavors without the need to add any more additional sauce. Spicy and savory!
Oh, don’t forget to order the SOTO AYAM since it’s just heavenly good as well!

Price : IDR 1,3k / stick
Operational hours : 6pm til drop
Address : Jalan Sudirman 297 Bandung


So that’s pretty much my 5 picked STREET FOOD this time, in Where To Eat in Bandung (Part 2). I’ll come back with more list on Where to Eat in Bandung (Part 3)! What do you want me to feature next? Come, shoot! Gimme some ideas!


email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com


22 Komentar

  1. Sharon, I wonder if ‘Sundanese-Style Curry Porridge’ in front of our campus is counted as street food, lol. But they are so good!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Kenny you’re right!!!! I didn’t have any pics of that porridge tho. Guess I have to revisit the booth!

  2. meidianakusuma berkata:

    cobaa lisst es es khas Bandung *wishlist*

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Oh iya ya Mei kok aku ga pernah nge-list es hahaha. Yuk hunting es pas kamu kesini!

  3. Jimmy berkata:

    how about reviews about some unique or uncommon food in bandung? hahaha. I guess it’ll be enticing. haha

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Sounds interesting, Jimmy!!! Any suggestion what to be featured? 😀

  4. Wow! Wonderful street food, wish we had such wonders 😃

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      They are 😉 There are LOTS of street food here and the top one even make more profits than restaurant.

  5. ci sharonn jago nian :”)
    request makanan khas Bandung/makanan tradisional dong hehehe

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Haha biaso bae kali, Keiii. Ini juga diajakin temen.
      Wiii okay! Yang khas Bandung yo. Gek coba cari2 dulu hehehe

  6. duuhh… jadi laper en kangen bandung euy hehehe…. 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Sini main2!!! 😀

  7. waduh tuh bubur memang mantep banget yah ! gw terakhir ke bdg juga ngerasaain.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha emang nendannng ya buburnya. Jadi pingin malam ini :9 hihi

  8. Masbash berkata:

    Great Blog Miss Sharon,

    thanks for sharing. some of the food were never mentioned in my clique so it’s a great info since i live in Bandung!

    so, here’s an exchange for giving such useful information.
    we have veggie ice cream here in Bandung now, MASBASH ice cream.
    original flavors : broccoli, carrot, corn, green tea, beet velvet. they’re all great!!
    do come and taste them yourself!

    available at
    open from tuesday-sunday 10.00-21.00
    vegetable ice cream parlour
    meal, snack, beverages
    price range : 9k-30k
    free wi fi available
    parking space

    twitter/IG : @masbashice
    path : masbash

    see you! meanwhile, stay healthy! 🙂

  9. dsapoetra berkata:

    part 3 dong ron :p

  10. emiwdrodze berkata:

    Ohh what a pity I’ve just discovered it now, few days after coming back from Bandung! Had some troubles finding cheap food there… Planned to go to Braga Permai, but after giving it a look gave up – it looked like a really expensive fancy restaurant! (well, I’m comparing to Jogja where I live – food here is really cheap).

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Oh hi! Yes, Braga is packed with expensive restaurant, some of them are just so over priced. I myself have never been to Jogja before. But I heard a lot about its cheap tasty food! Especially the famous angkringan 😉 Would love to visit any time soon.

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