Blogger Meetup at Two Cents Coffee, Bandung

Two Cents Bandung Dessert

If you’ve been following my Instagram (If you haven’t, shame on you! Go follow now! LOL), you might already know that a while ago, I was invited to a blogger meetup event at TWO CENTS BREW BELIEVER, Bandung together with the other #bandungfoodies.

It’s a pity that I arrived there 2 hours late (sorry guys!) since, you know, I went to attend a small ceremony for my graduation earlier that day and didn’t manage to arrive on time. Blame it on the traffic on weekend!

Sharon Loh Food Blogger
My graduation gifts from the dearest #BandungFoodies!

Anyway, just after I rushed from my uni to the coffee shop, I found some foods were still left untouched, which was something I’m really grateful of! Most of them were pretty much mess up, though.

Two Cents Brew Believer

I won’t talk much about the place here since you can just read it from my previous post. My feelings about this place stay the same!

I like the domination of the wood, and the good lighting, and not to mention, the smell of the freshly brewed coffee itself.

Two Cents Coffee Bandung

Two Cents Coffee

Two Cents Coffee

It’s 7 pm that night, but for me, it’s always coffee o’clock!

Two Cents Coffee Bandung

I can see that you can’t wait any longer to move on to the food section. So… shall we?

Orange Honey Latte Macchiato

Coffee at Two Cents Bandung

I never had any kind of “strange” version of coffee before. It’s always either black coffee, latte (and the combination). I mean, it’s always either the coffee itself or coffee + milk. So when Two Cents serves this Orange Honey Latte Macchiato, I was like… what? Honey? Orange?

This one tasted so mild. Perfect for a night drink. The sweet flavor came from the honey and I don’t even need to add any more sugar. I also love the hint of the orange zest. It really is blended well with the honey. But I can’t really taste the coffee.

Passion Tart – IDR 18k

Two Cents Coffee Dessert

This tart was my current favorite dessert! Unlike any other lime tart which has a super tangy and sour flavor, this was a great tart – just the right amount of sweet and tangy. You can also really tell that they have a good tart crust. It’s buttery, soft, and crispy!

Sinful Chocolate Cake

Two Cents Bandung Dessert

My second favorite dessert here at Two Cents goes to this so called Sinful Chocolate Cake. Gosh, the way they name their cake just make me feel even more sinful.

This cake is very rich and chocolaty. I can’t help but keep taking another bite while the other #BandungFoodies were busy talking.

Grilled Hamburg on Rice – IDR 59k

Main Course at Two Cents Bandung

Rice topped with beef patty, sauce, and egg. The patty was pretty good. And I also like the sauce that come with it. But since I’m not really into patty, or processed meat, or ground meat, this one just doesn’t work for me.

Full Portion – IDR 60k

Breakfast at Two Cents Bandung

Since I didn’t take a bite of their Full Portion that night, here’s a review from my last visit to Two Cents.

The bread was good! And the butter was such a great complement for it. The sausages were okay. The read bean’s delicious. The hash brown is okay. But I was not really happy about my sunny side up. They break the yolk 😦 And the egg white. It’s not silky smooth. And oh, the “beef bacon” is wet and looks raw to me. (I prefer a crispy fatty salty bacon anyway). But the mushroom tasted just perfect for me! Psst. They are hidden underneath the bread. Considering about the taste and the quality of each part of the meal, for me, this breakfast set is definitely over priced.

Homemade “Pisang Goreng”

Dessert at Two Cents Bandung

Who says Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana) can’t be fancy? This one at Two Cents comes with sweet condensed milk, grated cheese and chocolate. Just the way I like it! My mom used to make me some of these and this one reminds me of what she usually made for me at night.


This time, I didn’t manage to take much photo of the drinks since they were all mess up the moment I got there. Like this one …

Two Cents Bandung

or this one. hufttt.

Two Cents Bandung

So… please excuse my tardiness!

Anyway, I’d like to give my special thanks to Ade who invited me so I could join the #bandungfoodies gathering at Two Cents Brew Believer. It was really nice catching up with fellow foodies friends.

Now, let us cheer for a merrier weekend!

Do you have any favorite coffee or meal at Two Cents? Tell me!

Two Cents Coffee

Two Cents Brew Believer
Jl. Cimanuk No. 2 Bandung, Jawa Barat
022 – 4261336
Opening Hours:
Sun – Fri: 7 AM – 11 PM
Sat: 7 AM – 12 AM
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  1. bucathy berkata:

    Can you remember when grated cheese first became popular? It is only a recent thing isn’t it to put grated cheese on desserts?

  2. meidianakusuma berkata:

    rasanya kmrn aku lewatin two cents deh, aaakkk mauu

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hayuk pas kamu dtg ya! ^^

  3. That sinful chocolate cake is soooo tempting! 😦 <— chocolate lover boy

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