Fluffy Says Cakery, Bandung Online Cake Shop

Chocolate Cake Bandung

I can’t remember the first time I got hooked with dessert even though I try hard to. It might be at the second year of uni, I guess. I tried so many kinds of desserts I never had in my hometown back then.

One problem I usually find when buying myself some desserts home is the fact that desserts are so fucking hard to carry!
I mean, you’ve got to be VERY GENTLE to them or else they might not look pretty the moment you got home. Oh of course if you own a car, no problem will come to you. But for someone who rely on public transportation like me? uh uh. Not a good idea.

So years ago, I was thinking that it would be great to have an online shop you can trust selling nice desserts. I’ll just need to sit back, relax, and wait for my cake to come.

I was so happy that days ago, I found out about FLUFFY SAYS CAKERY – an shop based in Bandung selling desserts online. And I can confidently say that FLUFFY SAYS CAKERY is the BEST online cake shop I found SO FAR. (Highlight it, SO FAR!) in Bandung.

Let’s see what they got ūüėČ

Fluffy Banana (IDR 150k / 12 pcs)

Banana Cake

Fluffy Says Cakery Bandung

Fluffy soft cake with fresh banana and custard in it. I don’t know how to describe this one. The cake itself is sooooo soft almost like a sponge cake but looks like a flipped over¬†Dorayaki. It has generous amount of fresh banana slices in it with custard. Sweet indulgence!

Tasted WAY BETTER than the famous Tokyo Banana, trust me!

Japanese Towel Cake with Fresh Durian (IDR 110k)

Durian Roll Cake

Jual Cake Bandung

You know, when I was young, my mom used to make me roll cakes with strawberry jam. Just for the sake of our tea time complement. I always marvel at how soft the cake is that it melts in my mouth beautifully. And I can’t count how many times I licked my fingers enjoying the fresh jam.

This SOFT JAPANESE ROLLED CAKE brings back all those memories. But this one got fresh durian¬†as the fillings, a new one for me.¬†I like how they use fresh durian (yes, not a preserved jam. it’s a fresh one) as the fillings as it satisfies my craving without me having to buy the whole durian for myself. Besides, they give generous amount of durian so you can really taste it. Make sure you chill it before eating as it’s best served cold!

Choco Velvet Cake 20cm (IDR 275k)

Bandung Online Cake Shop

Chocolate Cake Bandung

Oh this one’s the star! You see that chocolate glazing all over the cake and how it melts as I put it outside the fridge for too long? And tat crispy chocolate balls on top? And.. the super moist chocolaty cake itself?¬†Well it doesn’t stop there.

You should see what lies between the layers yourself! The thick sticky chocolate……

Cake Bandung

Dessert Bandung

This particular cake is so rich of chocolate. Not too sweet – which is why I’m obsessed with it.


Overall, I like all of the cakes they offer. My boyfriend like it as well. So it’s not just me and my sweet tongue! We even finish all of them in just 3 days as it’s THAT addictive.

Wanna try some? Well you better do!
Don’t be hesitate to contact FLUFFY SAYS CAKERY at :
Instagram : @fluffysayscakery
Whatsapp / SMS : 0812-2085-9333
BBM : 7D46E1DF

You won’t be disappointed, trust me!


email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com

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  1. dsapoetra berkata:

    their instagram is private, like, seriously? :/

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha yeah :/ I don’t know why some Online Shop do that.

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