North Pole, PIK Jakarta

North Pole PIK Jakarta

Went to this dessert place at Pantai Indah Kapuk several weeks ago. I’ve seen so much photo of their ice cream, especially the one served on a smoky pan. It does looks good in photo! So we went there right after lunch. It was around 2 pm or something and there were already several name on the waiting list. I was like : “What the fuck are they selling?!”

… We ended up waiting on the line, though.

The outlet is, to be honest, pretty small. They have this minimalist design with indoor and semi-outdoor area. I totally forgot to take a pic of it since it’s very packed up that day and I was not in the mood of taking photos. But here’s the thing. The indoor area has this comfy sofa with wooden furniture and cute catchy wallpaper as the background. There’s also this counter at the back side with gelato display which really caught my eyes. Then, there’s this semi-outdoor area which totally get an amaziiing natural lightning from the wide window. The place itself is dominated with wood, blue, and white color. I think it does represent the word “North Pole” pretty well.

Smoky Pan (IDR 68k)

This is what I was talking about. This so called “Smoky Pan” consists of 6 tiny tiny scoops of gelato, sorbet, and also ice cream, with different flavor for each one. They serve it with fruity pebbles and I don’t know, something like crunched cookies or something. The 6 flavors are Berry Forest, Chocolate Lemon, Lemon Sorbet, Thai Tea (which I really like!!), Milo, and… Bubble Gum (I think it’s Bubble Gum. Not sure).

You’ve got to try their Thai Tea! It is very soft yet very rich in flavor. It’s like… you can easily tell it’s Thai Tea from the beginning. I also like the Milo one.

North Pole PIK Jakarta
Smoky Pan

Milo Ice Cream with Oreo Cone (IDR 40k)

When Smoky Pan is not enough, have yourself another scoop!

This time, it is served with Cone. They have Oreo Cone and Froot Loops Cone (Each of them costs IDR 15k). While the ice cream itself cost IDR 25k for one scoop.

We opted for the Milo flavor with Oreo Cone. Yuuuum!

North Pole Jakarta
Milo Ice Cream with Oreo Cone 

Thai Tea with Oreo Cone (IDR 40k)

Then, we also have this Thai Tea flavor again with Oreo Cone. SOOOOO YUM! By the way, sorry for the out-of-focus pic! This is the only one I got 😦

North Pole Thai Tea Ice Cream
Thai Tea Ice Cream with Oreo Cone 

Ice Cafe Latte (IDR 30k)

I personally think their ice latte is pretty good! Considering this place is not a coffee shop, it’s an ice cream joint, everyone! What I like about this latte is that it’s not overly sweet and you still got to taste the coffee. Doesn’t taste bland at all, at least to me. Soooo refreshing!

North Pole PIK Jakarta
Ice Cafe Latte

Ice Ferrero Rocher (IDR 39k)

Yes, you read it right. It is indeed that famous Ferrero Rocher chocolate. They made this drink from that chocolate! Well, how could it possibly go wrong?

North Pole Jakarta
Ice Ferrero Rocher


Sharon Loh

Overall, I really enjoyed my after-lunch time here with my cousins and aunt! All of us really enjoyed our ice cream : from the texture to the flavor. Plus, the fact that they serve a not-overly-sweet ice cream. That’s our biggest concern, after all. It’s just a bit pricey but we’re still okay with the price. What do you expect? It’s in PIK area. We were very delighted, though! Definitely will be coming back for more.

When in doubts, eat Ice Cream!


Ruko Crown Golf Blok A 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta
Opening Hours : Everyday 11 AM – 10 PM
Instagram : @northpolecafe
Website :


email :

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  1. adhyasahib berkata:

    unik ya cara penyajiannya 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Iyaaaa 😀 Gemesin

  2. Dita berkata:

    pengen kesini tapi kok jauh amat yak

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Iya, Ditaaaa! Gemes banget ya.
      Ho oh. Kemarin juga kebetulan karena diajak sepupu ke PIK. Jadi ngikut aja 😛

  3. bucathy berkata:

    Looks amazing! Were there any non dairy options? Please also do not use the F**k word ever in either your writing or your speech. It is an extremely offensive word and best avoided at all times. If you MUST use it then please use *** but to be honest, there are so many better English words that could be used.

  4. mei berkata:

    Ah pengen banget ke sini tapi ga sempet-sempet!

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