Halloween at Enoshima

Enoshima Bandung

I know that Halloween’s been over for nearly two weeks now and that soon Christmas is coming. And I know that it’s way too late to post something Halloween-related. But never mind, I’m still gonna post it anyway. So last Halloween, which also makes my first time celebrating Halloween like, EVER, I had a lil ‘party’ at Enoshima with dearest #BandungFoodies friends. Like any other people, we were supposed to wear costumes, but turned out everyone seemed to be busy before the dinner so we all decided just to wear a couple of accessories except for one guy…. which did the makeup himself and made him look like, this.

Halloween at Enoshima Bandung
Dika from Instagram @foodjournal_bdg
Halloween at Enoshima Bandung
@nakamajem and @foodjournal_bdg

You know, the blood is edible! It was actually made from chocolate. And I can really smell the chocolate.

Halloween at Enoshima Bandung
@let_eats – @dunia_kulinerbdg – @makanpakereceh

A little bit about Enoshima. So actually, the way they name their cafe has nothing to do with Japanese food as I found none of their menu is related to it, except for Dory Mentai which is more like a fusion food. Enoshima Bandung And…. since it was Halloween, they decorate their tiny cafe with some tiny Jack-o-lantern. And hell, they’re cute! Enoshima Bandung Enoshima Bandung Enoshima Bandung Enoshima Bandung Enoshima Bandung And not only that, they also had these special Halloween cakes. Enoshima Bandung Enoshima Bandung Enoshima Bandung It was too bad that we only took a pic of them without really tasting them since I thought… the owners were saving it for another customers. Just like this orange guy over here, I was disappointed. Enoshima Bandung So instead, we had these normal menu that night.

Corn Soup (IDR 18k)

Enoshima Bandung Food I started the dinner with a bowl of corn soup. This one was actually pretty good. It’s sweet and fond of the creamy texture and consistency. And you can really taste the chicken broth without it dominating the whole taste of the soup. I would be even more glad if they serve it with a piece warm french bread.

Enoshima Big Brekky (IDR 45k)

Enoshima Food Baked potato, a slice of toast, sunny side up, beef bacon, sausage, tomato, beans, and mushroom. Well, what can I say? The egg was good. Beef bacon and sausage were just okay. Potato was good. Toast was… disappointing since they only give one slice of bread. (I prefer sourdough, though!). Overall, it was okay. But not the kind of dish I would like to reorder.

Garlic Toast with Egg (IDR 18k)

Enoshima Food This one was the weirdest thing I found. The garlic toast was good actually. I can really taste the garlic and the butter and it has the right amount of saltiness and also just the right amount of garlic. BUT, when you dip it into this raw egg? Ew, I don’t think so. Tasted weirder than I thought. Well of course it depends on your personal taste. A friend of mine told me this was very good, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Dory Mentai (IDR 45k)

Enoshima Bandung This was everyone’s favorite! It was pan seared dory, with mentai sauce on top. The sauce was then grilled using a torch right in front of us, on the table. Enoshima Bandung The sauce was sooo good that I did eat the fries using that sauce and didn’t even touch the tartar sauce.

Calamari (IDR 28k)

Enoshima Bandung I can’t really remember how this Calamari tasted like, merely because I was not hooked with it. It’s crunchy outside of course, as you can see. But that’s just about it. For me, it’s a tad bit over fried. I like my calamari light golden, not this golden brown look. Still good for sharing, though!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 21k)

Enoshima Bandung Okay, for the beverage, I ordered one Hot Cappuccino. Not the best coffee in town, but I kinda like it. It has this, chocolate kind of flavor.

Nutella Mellow (IDR 32k)

Enoshima Bandung

This was super addictive! It was Hot Nutella drink with tiny tiny marshmallows on top. Nutella could never go wrong, right? #teamNutella

Anmitsu / Dessert (IDR 35k)

Enoshima Bandung Dessert As for the dessert, they have this so called Anmitsu which is basically made of jelly, fruits, ice, ice cream, milk, and many more, depending on what flavor you choose. I like the one with chocolate ice cream and matcha ice cream since the vanilla one was too sweet for me. The chocolate one comes with Ovomaltine spread (yum!), choco chips, some jelly made from sweet potato, and almond. Love this one! Will I revisit Enoshima? Well yes of course. For the sake of Dory Mentai and Nutella Mellow. Enoshima Jalan R.E Martadinata 172 Bandung Instagram : @enoshimabdg Twitter : Facebook :


email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com

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