Road Trip di Australia, Bisa Ngapain Aja?

Australia itu ternyata luas banget ya. Kalo dilihat dari peta, luas daratan Australia dibanding Indonesia, itu beberapa kali lipat deh. Makanya kadang banyak orang yang roadtrip di Australia itu sampai berbulan-bulan, bahkan bisa juga setahun, saking luasnya!

Kami cukup beruntung kemarin bisa roadtrip selama 3 minggu dari Darwin ke Sydney. Rute kasarnya itu Darwin – Alice Springs – Ayer’s Rock – Adelaide – Canberra – Sydney. Dan ini juga pertama kali nya kami jalan-jalan di Australia!

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One of My Favorite Desserts : Molten Lava Cakes

There were times when Molten Lava Cakes was such a popular desserts. Like, all of a sudden, this dessert popped up in a lot of restaurant or cafe menu. People took a pic of it, shared it on their social media as if they were saying : “Yo world, I’ve finally tried this fancy dessert! Bet you haven’t.”

And BOOM!, the fame was over. There came another kind of desserts, more good looking, more “photogenic” which make it a lot easier to catch with our camera. Besides, people began to find a way to make it themselves at home! Which turned out, to be quite easy. (Psst. You can even make a ‘quick’ version of it using your microwave!)

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