Cerita Tentang Proposal #1 – Macau

Iya, Fred ngelamar aku waktu kami jalan-jalan ke Macau-Hongkong-Beijing bulan Mei 2016 lalu. Di Disneyland sih lebih tepatnya.


Kedengaran romantis ya, haha. Padahal propose-nya dadakan loh, spontan. Dan nggak seromantis yang kalian bayangkan.

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Macau. Worth a Visit? (1 Day Itinerary Included)

Besides gambling and shopping, which are not my thing at all, is there really anything else to do here?
So I went to Macau last May for the very first time and decided to stay for 3 nights before heading to Hong Kong. This whole Macau and Hong Kong trip was not well planned and prepared. We didn’t really have the urge to explore the city. We just need to go somewhere in between Indonesia and China, before heading to Beijing, just so we don’t need to take a 7-8 hours flight from Indonesia. So I thought maybe Hong Kong is a great choice, everybody seems to love this city. And besides, I’ve never been to Disneyland before and there’s one in Hong Kong!

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