Macau. Worth a Visit? (1 Day Itinerary Included)

macau one day itinerary
Besides gambling and shopping, which are not my thing at all, is there really anything else to do here?
So I went to Macau last May for the very first time and decided to stay for 3 nights before heading to Hong Kong. This whole Macau and Hong Kong trip was not well planned and prepared. We didn’t really have the urge to explore the city. We just need to go somewhere in between Indonesia and China, before heading to Beijing, just so we don’t need to take a 7-8 hours flight from Indonesia. So I thought maybe Hong Kong is a great choice, everybody seems to love this city. And besides, I’ve never been to Disneyland before and there’s one in Hong Kong!

We ended up taking a flight to Macau instead, spent 2 and a half days exploring the city before heading to Hong Kong.

As soon as we arrived, we could clearly see from the airport that the city is packed with hotels and casinos. Like seriously, they are huge and so twinkling.

Old Casino in Macau

Old Town Macau

Macau one day itinerary
Another side of Macau

Macau one day itinerary

Although this is not a kind of city I would love to revisit any other time, if you’ve never been here before, you might wonder what it looks and feels like in Macau. I’d say one day here is more than enough. I spent two days and a half in Macau and ended up wasting time going nowhere exciting on the second day.

Here’s the One Day Itinerary that I just made for you, based on my personal experience.

Morning : Coloane & Taipa Village

Before heading to our first destination, Coloane, head to a local eatery for a quick breakfast. Just pick any eatery that’s packed up with people, they’re usually pretty good. I happened to have my breakfast at one of the local mini resto within a very short walking distance from my hotel. They mostly sell noodle, congee, and dim sum, and all of them are pretty good!

Oh, you might also want to know that coffee is RARE in Hong Kong / Macau / China. I don’t know why, but I just found it hard to find one. And when I do, I found crappy coffee :/

breakfast in macau
A bowl of hearty noodle for breakfast

breakfast in macau

Now, let the journey begin.

If it’s not because of the famous Lord Stow’s portuguese egg tart, I’d skip Coloane all over. Because honestly, there’s not much to see there – compared to Taipa Village. But, there’s this Lord Stow’s shop in Coloane where people would line up just for the egg tart. It’s not an ordinary egg tart, I tell you. It’s the bloody almighty Lord Stow’s portuguese egg tart. You don’t want to skip this. (Why would you?)

So yes, head to Coloane for this.

lord stow's egg tart
Crispy buttery pastry shell, milky filling. Brown edges.

Lord Stow's Bakery Macau

Still in Coloane, there’s this nice small coffee shop named Hann Cafe just across Lord Stow’s shop. We decided to grab a coffee for our egg tarts and sit there just beside the cafe enjoying our egg tart. So relaxing.

Coffee in Coloane Macau
Hann Cafe
Coffee in Coloane Macau
Coffee, at last!
Coffee in Coloane Macau
View from Hann Cafe

Fredric Sanjaya in Coloane Macau

When you’re finished with your tart, you can of course head back to Lord Stow’s Bakery to grab more tarts, OR… you can take a cab to Taipa Village to see more of Macau’s old cultural sights, architecture, and shop. It’s totally your call. Another tarts won’t hurt, though.

Taipa Village, to me, is enchanting. It is a place where you can go catch a glimpse of the old side of Macau with no casinos and big lights all over the place. There are this colonial buildings, Chinese temples, beautiful beautiful little cafes and restaurants, and a small park. It was really a good experience to me.

There is also this Run Do Cunha street where food stalls line up selling snacks like egg tart, ice cream, dessert, pork chop bun, some meat, and smoothies. Make sure not to miss the Rua Do Cunha street in Taipa Village for snacks.

Taipa Village

rua do cunha taipa village macau
Rua Do Cunha street in Taipa Village. Full of food!

travel to taipa village macau

Taipa Village Macau

Taipa Village macau
in Taipa Village

travel to taipa village macau


Famous spot in Taipa Village :

  • Tai Lei Loi Kei : go for their pork chop bun.
  • Koi Kei bakery : it’s where people normally buy snacks for souvenir.
  • Seng Cheong Restaurant (誠昌飯店) : crab congee.
  • The Taipa Houses : a museum.

Taipa village is in a short walking distance with The Venetian. That’s where we’re going next.


Midday : The Venetian

As it gets very very hot and humid during lunch time, you better head to The Venetian instead of walking around outside.

You can easily walk from Taipa Village to The Venetian, or better yet, you can take the escalator from Taipa Village that leads to…. here!

The Venetian is probably the finest shopping, dining, and gambling place I’ve ever been to, I swear. It got a decent food court, too. So if you haven’t had anything for lunch in Taipa Village, you must hungry right now. It’s time to grab something for lunch.

macau one day itinerary
The Venetian

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian macau


Afternoon : Ruin of St. Paul Catheral & Senado Square

Around 3 – 4 pm, head to the ruin of St. Paul Cathedral.It’s a mandatory landmark to visit when in Macau. And man, there were sooo many people when we got there.

From there, walk down to the shopping street and straight to the Senado Square. There are so many shops here, so you might wanna spend a little bit more time here.

macau one day itinerary
Ruin of St. Paul Cathedral.

St Paul Macau Travel Blog

St Paul Church Macau

Just beside the cathedral, there’s this old fort named Monte Fort. You can walk up there to see more of Macau scenic view. It is said that the fort belonged to St. Paul’s Cathedral and used to defend the cathedral from pirates. That’s why there are cannons up there. Now, it serves as a recreation park. There are many people walking, exercising.

ruin of st paul cathedral macau

Macau View
Macau View from the top of Monte Fort


Night : Dinner

Dinner! We went to a decent Chinese resto and had some nice Chinese food.

Macau food dinner
Fish with sweet and sour sauce
macau food
Cold sliced beef. Recommended!

what to eat in macau

From here, you can take a ferry ride to Hong Kong, or stay for another night. It’s your call 😉

Anyway, here’s some recommended dinner spot in Macau for you :

  • Seng Cheong Restaurant (誠昌飯店) : crab congee
  • Chan Kuong Kei Restaurant : roasted duck rice
  • Fernando’s Restaurant

Well, what can I say? It’s not a kind of city I would like to revisit. It just doesn’t excite me as it excites the gambler or the shopaholic. (But I’d say, if you’re into shopping, go to Hong Kong instead, seriously). It was nice to know what it feels like in Macau, though. Since everybody seems to brag about the fancy hotel and casino and stuffs.

I hope you have a great time!


  • There are a lot of free shuttle from one hotel to another, so you might want to check this option. It might cut a lot of your taxi expenses.




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18 Komentar

  1. vitrie maulani berkata:

    the food looks delicious!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      It was! Especially the egg tart 😉

  2. aggy87 berkata:

    Taxi mahal gak Shar di sana? Egg tartnya gilaaak…itu yg St Paul’s dan sktrnya mirip banget kayak di Portugal ya (ya kan emg bekas jajahannya ya?) kayaknya gw rela ke Macau demi egg tartnya ajah huahahah

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Lumayaaaan, hahaha. Aku lupa taxi mahal gak, tp krn deket2 gitu pindah2nya jadi masih oke lah :p Egg tart nyaaaaa sampe pingin aku coba bikin!!! hahahaha. Ohyaaa? Wow aku blm pernah ke Eropa kyknya bagus2 ya bangunan nya. Udah ga usa jauh2 ke Macau, ntar delivery aja egg tart Jambi – Jogja 😛 Isinya dikasih chia seeds dikit wkwk

    2. inlycampbell berkata:

      Dulu aku ke Macau cuma sehari, naik bus dr pelabuhan, turun di senado square, jalan kaki sampe ke Ruin St. Paul. beli egg tart juga, dan dengan bodohnya gak ngeh kalau itu minyakan, aku masukkin tas, rencanya pengen makan di tangga2 itu lah.. pas dikeluarin yah benyek and berminyak semua, haha..

      1. Sharon Loh berkata:

        Hahahahahahaha yahhhh sayang sekali. Gih ulang lagi biar bisa beli egg tart lagi, kali ini jgn di grepek di dlm tas ya ^^ wakkaka

        1. inlycampbell berkata:

          Hahaha.. Tiba2 kebayang eggtart nya.. haduh..

  3. Ceritaeka berkata:

    Belum ke Macau nih. Btw u look gorgeous on that white dress and pretty hat :*

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hihihihi makasih kak!!! Aku sih ga mau lagi ke Macau :/

  4. I’ve never been in Macau, but I want to, and I think one day is not enough for me. I read from one article that Macau is full of Portuguese and Chinese old buildings. I’m interested in architecture, whether it’s old cathedral or modern casinos. Maybe if you prepared the trip better, you would have a longer visit in Macau 🙂

  5. Michelle JY berkata:

    Hi Sharon, your blog is interesting & I like it!
    Macau is a place I missed so much & will gonna revisit in future 😀

  6. Chocky Sihombing berkata:

    wah, belum jadi ke Macau deh… pernah punya tiket ke HK & Macau di tahun 2010, eh si maskapai bangkrut, dan akhrinya ga jadi jadi ke Macau… ngilerrr liat foto2nya!! 😀

  7. Romina berkata:

    I beg to differ on the lack of coffee options in Hong Kong — there are so many third wave coffee shops, especially in the Central area and scattered around HK Island. Elephant Grounds, Cupping Room, etc., you just have to know where to look! Not much in NT and Kowloon since Chinese people prefer tea over coffee but there are still a few hidden gems in the area as well.

  8. Gita berkata:

    What a beautiful photos collection! Kalo boleh, mau sharing juga pengalaman seru waktu ke Macau.

    Hope it help. Thank you

    1. Gita berkata:

      i put the wrong link sorry -_-“

  9. Gita berkata:

    What a beautiful photos collection! Kalo boleh, mau sharing juga pengalaman seru waktu ke Macau.

    Hope it help. Thank you

  10. gledek88 berkata:

    I can’t express my feelings after reading this post,
    it’s so amazing and immaculate article.
    Such talented and creative author of this blog, thank you so much!

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