Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner

Rainbow Cake Ninotchka

This is it! Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner. A perfect hideaway for those looking to escape from the routine in the crowded city, Jakarta.

I’ve never heard about this place before, until my cousin tell me so. She was like : “Oh my God. Seriously? How could you not know about Ninotchka? It has been mentioned a lot in Twitter!”  And I was like : “Oh really? … Too bad I didn’t know anything about it. ”

Well, yeah, she’s right. I then searched the internet about Ninotchka. I found that this cafe is run by one of the famous Indonesian fashion blogger, Sonia Eryka. Okay, I should make another confession. I didn’t know anything about her either since I’m not into fashion blog.

So…Shall we just…go and eat?

Okay. I’ll take that as a yes..

Ninotchka Cafe

The cafe interior is quite small actually, compared to another fancy cafe in Bandung. But they have a lot of good food you can fill your stomach with. So don’t bother about the interior.

Ninotchka Cafe
The Menu

Bread Roll

We ordered chocolate lava cake for IDR 15.000. I swear, it’s sooo good that we ordered  another piece of lava cake. For you who have a chocolate addiction, you have to try this one. It has exactly the right amount of chocolate inside and outside. And they serve it along with the vanilla ice cream which suits very well with the chocolate lava cake. The warm cake and the cool ice cream completely took my heart (and tounge) away.

Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

They also sell the famous rainbow cake! This is the first time (and the last time) I ever had myself a rainbow cake. It’s IDR 25000 worth. The first time I saw the cake, I was like : “Oh my. It’s sooo cute >,< Is that really a cake? Can I eat it?”

I was getting worried about the food coloring, but this is the main reason my cousin brought me here. Yes, their rainbow cake is famous among the food bloggers in Indonesia. So I decided to take a try. And I’m glad I did! It’s pretty good. It’s smooth, and sweet, and it has a vanilla flavor in it.

Rainbow Cake Ninotchka

Look at those colors… I feel like I’m going to die really soon. (But it tastes just great, really)

Rainbow Cake Ninotchka
Rainbow Cake

Since my cousin and I are quite full, we only ordered the rainbow cake & lava cake. But those two desserts are their favorite menu. So, seems like we didn’t miss anything.
Why don’t you take a try? 😀

Ninotchka Cafe

Operational Hours :
04.00 PM – 22.00 PM
14.00 PM – 23.00 PM every Friday & Saturday
Closed every Tuesday

Location :
Sixth Avenue J5A-18
Citra Garden 6
West Jakarta


4 Komentar

  1. Gorgeous pics and beautiful blog. It’s actually made me very happy looking at that gorgeous cake, I so wanna eat it right now!!!! 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Wihihihi. I knowww. It’s cute right? :3 It’s like, the color is even more beautiful than a real rainbow. :p

  2. currymom berkata:

    Love your blog, thanks for stopping by my site. Please feel free to visit often 😉

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you! You too have a a lovely blog. 😀

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