The Stone Cafe, Bandung

Tiramisu Cake

Well, I was here because I was sooo bored & tired, and I thought this place might give me a nice short break during my hectic week. You know, that moment when you’ve been doing your college assignments all day but you got stuck and stressed? That’s what I felt that day. So I thought, “Maybe I should go to a restaurant or a cafe? Just me and my laptop, so I’ll be able to focus better on doing my assignment. Right! I’m going to a cafe in the mountain hill!”

Well, I’ve never actually been here before. But I’ve read some reviews about this place in people’s blogs & I got curious.

So, here are a few glimpses into my hideaway… Anyway, thanks to google map for bringing me here.

Stone Cafe
Stone Cafe Menu
Stone Cafe
The Cottage

Stone Cafe Bandung

Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu Cake
Cafe Mocha
Hot Mochacinno
Peach Tea Dilmah
Peach Tea
The Mountain View From My Seat

I fell in love immediately with the atmosphere here. Seems like ‘m gonna keep coming for more.

Location :

Jalan Rancakendal Luhur No.5 Dago Atas | Dago Atas, Bandung 40198, Indonesia

Phone Number : 022-2500577


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  1. Thanks minn for share, I love bandung, now please Read Cafe di Bandung

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